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Incorporate SMS in your omnichannel marketing strategy and initiate personalized, real-time conversations with your customers.

Intuitive Real-Time Dialogue with SMS Gateway

Munvo’s SMS Gateway© facilitates dialogue between businesses and their customers through real-time, mobile messaging. With its capacity to form tree-like conversation paths and push lists of SMS numbers to a given short or long code, SMS Gateway expands and enhances the mobile marketing channel for more direct and personalized communications.

Native Integration

SMS Gateway© integrates easily with Adobe Campaign, SAS CI, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, and Unica.

Native Integration

SMS Gateway© integrates easily with Adobe Campaign, SAS CI, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, and Unica.

SMS Gateway Benefits


Direct integration

Direct integration to your marketing automation platform to provide a channel straight to your mobile messaging provider (MMP)

Increase Speed

Removes SMTP protocol latency (which can range from 30 to 300 seconds for the delivery and response of inbound messages)

More Flexibility

Increases configuration flexibility for inbound message handling

Simplify Integration

Simplifies the integration process with various SMS service providers

Archive Bounces

Archives and classifies bounces vs. delivered messages

Commonly used MMPs include, but are not limited to:  Twilio©, AWS Pinpoint©, and Sinch©.

Interactive Conversation Trees: Enable 2-way Conversations with your Customers

Our user-friendly, drag-and-drop interface is convenient for clients seeking to build conversations around their customers’ correspondence with SMS Gateway. The nodes that customers navigate within their respective conversation trees allow you to intuitively target audiences with relevant messages, store their transactions (inbound, outbound, batches), and even reassign customers to different nodes at any point within their conversation.

Multimedia Messaging Services (MMS): Convey Messages with Compelling Visuals

With Munvo’s SMS Gateway, users are able to incorporate and send out multimedia within their mobile marketing messages via a simple API call. ​​​​​​​Once sent out, easily delete images from your MMP to ensure the protection of sensitive information and customer privacy.

Messaging Templates: Personalize and Standardize Transactional Communications

With our adaptable messaging templates, you can build, store, and repurpose messages that contain personalized customer information. These templates allow you to distinguish and set parameters when requesting customer data (triggered with a webhook) from your marketing automation software. This enables you to quickly plug the retrieved data into your marketing messages.

Watch our Webinar

Through a collaborative presentation by Kevin Boutin, Partner Account Executive of Twilio – the global cloud communications platform – and Brad Penwarden, VP of Munvo Products at Munvo, our webinar will dive deep into the world of SMS marketing. From enhanced engagement to increased conversions, find out how SMS can result in a better bottom line for your business.

Customer Success Stories


B2B Real-time Lead Assignment


Reach Customers at Key Life-cycle Moments


Enable Real-time SMS Dialogue

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Looking to connect your marketing automation software to an MMP for SMS delivery in real time?

  • Connector integration between marketing automation platform and mobile marketing provider (MMP)
  • Some MMPs include Twilio©,  AWS Pinpoint©, and Sinch© (formerly CLX)
  • HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol)
  • Real-time messaging
  • Enhanced batch messaging capabilities

Take things one step further and communicate with your customers through interactive conversation trees.


  • Interactive Conversation Trees
  • Multimedia Messaging Services (MMS)
  • Messaging Templates
  • Process complex inbound messages directly through a conversation tree
  • Webhooks; event-based callbacks used for enhanced personalization
  • User-friendly, API-based interface
  • Customer engagement history using phone numbers, short codes, and long codes
  • Permission / user administration
Adobe Accredited Solution
Munvo’s SMS Gateway is now an accredited Adobe Amplify Partner Solution, which highlights the power of its personalized SMS capabilities when combined with Adobe Campaign Classic®.
Adobe Solution Partner Gold
SAS Excellence in Innovation Award 2021

The SMS Gateway integration won the 2021 Excellence in Innovation award from SAS for bringing SMS dialogue capabilities to SAS CI solutions.

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How Our Customers Use It

Whether you are a retailer looking to help customers track their online purchases, or a bank seeking to ensure fraud prevention with two-factor authentication, Munvo’s SMS Gateway can power the experience.

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Leveraging Mobile Marketing with Munvo’s SMS Gateway

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