Infrastructure Strategy & Planning

With Munvo, your infrastructure strategy & planning is taken care of – we have experience across the MarTech space and can help make difficult decisions around budgeting and managing your infrastructure investment. Whether it’s a question of estimating cost or deciding on a platform to purchase, our proven framework allows you to stay focused on your core business. 

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Proven Munvo Framework

Munvo’s infrastructure planning and strategic roadmap serves to support organizations in identifying priorities and preparing for key investment decisions that enhance marketing platform execution. We work with your stakeholders to highlight current and future value opportunities and apply them through a phased approach that delivers fundamental capabilities every step of the way.

Leadership Alignment

Data, analytics, customer experience, budget limitations… each executive has their own priority – the challenge lies in bringing them together. We will help you detect and devise the options that provide your enterprise with the most value and provide further recommendations to build up from there.

Capability Planning

Not sure how to leverage and/or prioritize the existing features within your EMM platform? With many platforms and capabilities to choose from – we can get you started on the right track.

Cost/Benefit Analysis

Not sure how much your initiative will cost or what you’ll get in return? Looking into alternatives to compare solutions and their scalability? Our specialists can get you answers to even the most daunting unknowns.

Integration Roadmap

Let our team strategize your next best approach. We can determine the optimal technology integration for your needs, and even provide a detailed timeframe for realizing this vision.

We Support Your MarTech Stack

Benefits of the Munvo Approach

At Munvo, we harness firsthand industry knowledge, insight-driven solutions, and fast-track packages that save you time and accelerate marketing campaigns across all verticals.

Technical Experts

Leverage Munvo’s knowledge on fundamental strengths and weaknesses of each

Accelerator Templates

Achieve your strategic goals as efficiently as possible thanks to Munvo’s go-to-market ready project plan templates

Industry Knowledge

Gain unique insight into leading trends and best practices from our wide exposure across industries

Munvo’s Approach to MTS Roadmapping

Marketing Ecosystem Roadmap Services

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Are you hesitant to make the switch to the cloud? Let us help you make the decision for you! We can talk through your business needs and help you decide if going to the cloud is the best option for your business. We'll work with you to find a plan that best suits your needs and will provide support as you make the transition.


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Industry Knowledge

Gain unique insight into leading trends and best practices from our wide exposure across industries

  • We’ve delivered over 80 strategic planning projects across industries (banking, telecom, travel, insurance, retail, etc.)
  • Munvo has enabled our clients to reduce infrastructure costs by an average of 30% – directly impacting ROI growth for key lines of business
  • Overcoming siloed organizations and developing a unilateral approach for marketing modernization that works for decisions makers across all levels is second nature to us

Accelerator Templates

Achieve your strategic goals as quickly and efficiently as possible thanks to Munvo’s pre-developed templates for go-to-market ready project plans

  • Quantify the budget impacts of change with our cost/benefit templates
  • Complete gap analysis and roll-out planning using our proven templates
  • Harness our road-mapping and project planning experience to get your team to work quickly with a clear project plan

Technical Experts

Leverage Munvo’s knowledge of fundamental strengths and weaknesses of each platform


years of experience with complex client EMM platforms


average faster time to market by leveraging our experience


cost savings from accelerated infrastructure deployment