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Unica Campaign & Interact (HCL) Consulting

The core of Munvo’s practice with Unica marketing suite derives from the Unica Campaign® and Unica Interact® leadership experience we bring to our clients. 

Our Unica Practice

Our experience with  Unica extends to every module within the Marketing Solutions suite. In addition to implementing outbound marketing capabilities with Unica Campaign, Munvo can assist with the implementation of multi-channel marketing personalization strategies through the use of Interact. In recent years, Munvo has designed and implemented over 17 unique use cases with Interact, including web-based offers for retailers and ‘Next Best’ call-center action scenarios in the Telco industry.


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Munvo Difference

Since 2005, Munvo has worked with over 70 enterprises on diverse projects involving Unica Marketing Solutions. What began as Unica technology implementations and upgrades expanded into a comprehensive set of Munvo services including integration, run services, and marketing ecosystem roadmapping, to name a few.

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Boost Your MarTech Stack with Munvo Products

In support of the Unica Marketing Solutions suite, MunvoLabs© develops complementary products such as Munvo’s Companion© and campaignQA©. These add-ons improve our clients’ capacity to both manage and monitor the execution performance of high-quality marketing campaigns.

Meanwhile, MunvoConnectors© accelerate common Unica integrations, including Unica Campaign and Interact.

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Munvo Products Further Enhance Your Unica Stack With:

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