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Machine Learning

Increase conversion, reduce fatigue, and ultimately boost sales and recurring customer revenue without massive investment in conventional analytics teams with Munvo Machine Learning and AI services.

We Support Your MarTech Stack

Proven Munvo Framework

Accelerate your time to market by leveraging our team’s extensive integration experience with leading MarTech stacks, including Adobe Campaign, Unica Interact, and Unica Campaign.

Maturity Path Assessment

Evaluate existing analytics capabilities within Munvo’s tried-and-tested AI Maturity Path framework, charting a strategic course forward.

Migration to Advanced Models

Quickly upgrade your existing analytics capabilities with modern modeling frameworks, without re-engineering your data.

MunvoAI Products

Take full advantage of Munvo’s expertise and the scale enabled by cloud to add AI to your MarTech stack, at an industry-leading time to market.

Custom AI Solutions

Transform your marketing operations to be AI-centric, with Munvo’s infrastructure, modeling, and operational expertise.

Benefits of MunvoAI

Improved Accuracy

3.4X+ lift using Munvo advanced models

Plug and Play

Increase conversion and sales with reduced fatigue


Boost accuracy by 4.3X with cloud-based solutions

Munvo Offers Products to Assist With:

Munvo's custom machine learning products work with your existing Marketing Technology solutions to further boost ROI.


optimize customer contact with ai
Optimize Customer
Contact with AI

MunvoAI is the leading artificial intelligence platform that tailors the delivery of marketing messages to each of your customers  – all in real time. Through its seamless integration with Adobe Campaign, Munvo AI deploys highly personalized communications at the most opportune moment to deepen dialogue with targeted audiences.

The Power of
Predictive Analytics

Machine learning, a crucial component of artificial intelligence, has completely transformed the way that marketers think. In fact, 40% of Marketing and Sales teams report that accessing data via AI and machine learning is critical to their success. This method of data analysis enables automated model building to identify patterns and intuitively make effective decisions for your business.

power of predictive analytics graphic

Get Started Now

Are you hesitant to make the switch to the cloud? Let us help you make the decision for you! We can talk through your business needs and help you decide if going to the cloud is the best option for your business. We'll work with you to find a plan that best suits your needs and will provide support as you make the transition.



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AI Scale

End-to-end, cloud-based machine learning platforms.


Customer population


Improved accuracy


Annual incremental value

AI Plugin

Plug-and-Play solutions for your MarTech stack

Struggling with …

  • Low open/click rate?
  • High opt-outs?


delivers …

  • Increased conversion
  • Reduced fatigue
Struggling with …

  • Low offer acceptance?
  • No feedback loop?


delivers …

  • Increased sales
  • Continuous learning
Struggling with …

  • Ineffective cross-sell?
  • Reduced offer portfolio?


delivers …

  • Recurring revenue
  • Customer LTV

AI Upgrade

Migrate to more advanced machine learning models (XGBoost, deep learning neural networks)


Models updated


Improved accuracy


Annualized lift per model