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Intelligence Consulting

Munvo’s strategic partnership with SAS centers on the implementation of SAS Customer Intelligence (CI)® 360 and 6.x.

Accredited Specialists in Customer Intelligence

Munvo is the first Canadian-based SAS partner with a Specialization in Customer Intelligence (CI). Our consultants have in-depth campaign management knowledge and delivery experience with SAS CI and other vendors, and full SAS CI certifications and training through the SAS partnership program.

In addition to earning the SAS Customer Intelligence Specialization badge, Munvo is also a SAS Gold Partner.

Munvo Delivers Services for:

CI 6.X®

(Marketing Automation, RTDM)

CI 360®

(Discover, Engage, Plan, Optimize)

Customer Analytics

(Viya, SAS9, Intelligent Decisioning)




SAS CI Modules



We've Got It Covered!

  • Implementation and Upgrades to facilitate the transition to inbound marketing models
  • Integration with:
    • Datamart
    • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions
    • Social media networks
    • Digital Asset Management (DAM) with real-time marketing solutions
    • Demand Side Platforms with triggered and automated marketing campaigns

Munvo Products Further Enhance Your SAS Stack With:

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1400 Rue Metcalfe, Suite 300 Montreal, QC Canada, H3A 1X2

+ 1 (514) 223 3648 – Sales Inquiries

+ 1 (514) 392 9822 – General Inquiries

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