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Adobe Workfront is a centralized workplace that helps to give executives real-time insights to portfolios, programs, projects, resources, and more. With its sleek interface, Workfront’s project management abilities can identify bottlenecks and gaps in the process.

Workfront Experience Features

Centralization/Resource Management

  • Simplified left navigation panel enabling you to change the order of sections and add custom sections.
  • Simplified customizable main menu window to easily locate and access tools..
  • Enhanced object headers displaying the status of projects, project owner, date of completion and more..

Real Time Dashboards and Reports

  • Create custom dashboards and reports to meet your project needs.
  • Pin current pages/reports/tasks in the new home page top bar for easy access.


  • Search for requests with the new search bar or suggested fields such as frequent request types.
  • Simplified layout templates.


  • Integrate with connectors including Microsoft Outlook and Slack to share paths with stakeholders.

The Munvo Workfront Practice Helps you:

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Maximize the value of the tool with personalized training

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Streamline processes by customizing Workfront to fit your needs

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Elevate your business by setting goals, milestones, and budgets

Munvo helped a satellite radio company improve their ROI by 20% after adopting Workfront as their task management and reporting tool. By having one centralized platform for task management, they were able to:

Reduce email communication by
Cut down asset creation time by
Increased on-time request completion by
Increased request creation speed by

Seamlessly transition from Adobe Workfront Classic to the New Workfront Experience

Did you know Adobe is requiring you to move to the New Workfront Experience? Many aspects of Workfront Classic are transitioning including:

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All data that is tied to projects, user settings, forms, and custom fields
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"Favorite items" and
"Recent" items
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Custom dashboards
and reports
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munvo adobe workfront switch video yt thumb
How to switch to the new Adobe Workfront interface
Which features are exclusively available in the New Experience?
A Closer Look at the Features in Adobe Workfront New Experience

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Services offered by Munvo to optimize
your Adobe Workfront instance


Have you recently invested in Adobe Workfront but your organization needs help with implementing it properly within your enterprise MarTech stack? Looking to upgrade to the latest version, but unsure of the right path to follow? Need to integrate Adobe Workfront into your existing stack making connections to legacy systems and other MarTech products? Munvo’s experience working exclusively with MarTech since 2005 allows us to bring tested frameworks and efficiencies to your projects saving you money and time and ultimately Maximizing your MarTech investment.

Marketing Transformation

Looking for help translating your marketing visions of customer-centricity or hyper-personalization but not sure where to start? Embarking on a multi-year plan to bring your MarTech to the cutting edge with upcoming organization changes? Having worked in the Marketing Automation space since 2005, Munvo has the right experience to act as your trusted advisor. We can help with all areas of Marketing Transformation, including, but not limited to: 

Marketing Operations

Whether you need to augment your team capabilities with certified users of Adobe Workfront to account for a peak in bandwidth or need help running an Application Helpdesk with 24/7 Support for your team, Munvo can help. With deep experience in MarTech we also can conduct customized, highly impactful training for your team using Adobe Workfront to maximize your use of your investment. 

Munvo, an Adobe Certified Partner, is Workfront Certified and can help you transition to the new Experience with our proven methodology and near-decade experience working with Adobe marketing solutions. Munvo offers full support for the Adobe Experience Cloud to implement, configure and build custom integrations.
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How to switch to the new Adobe Workfront interface

How to switch to the new
Adobe Workfront interface

A Closer Look at the Features in Adobe Workfront New Experience

A Closer Look at the Features in Adobe Workfront New Experience

Which features are exclusively available in the New Experience?

Which features are exclusively available in the New Experience?

Why switch to the new Workfront Interface?

Why switch to the new Workfront Interface?