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Data Activation

Data plays a crucial part in implementing customer strategy. Munvo’s approach is geared towards helping understand, model and structure data as well as driving insights through reporting using the available information.

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Proven Munvo Framework

Bring comprehensive value to your organization by enabling key data practices at every level – from the information models required to activate customer strategies, to necessary quality compliance checks and performance analytics. Munvo’s Data Activation package helps your organization through the complex enablement of best practice must-haves for a comprehensive customer outreach strategy.

Implement the necessary information architecture foundations used for enabling a comprehensive, high-performance solutions for your marketing. Areas of focus include (but are not limited to):

  • Traditional database design
  • Unstructured data lake architecture and planning
  • Communication protocol formatting
  • Real-time service architecture

Design information systems that exceed SLA requirements and consistently deliver top notch application performance. Achieve in-depth insights and reporting for critical backend components including:

  • Platform throughput (server SLA, resource monitoring, execution runtimes)
  • Dynamic environment monitoring (cloud instance supervision and auto-scaling)
  • Data process optimization including flowchart efficiency, automated procedures

Assess the logical implementation of all relevant analytics, and performance reporting for campaign insights, and bring that vision to reality. The Munvo approach is comprised of a multi-step process covering the following areas:

  • Input (staging the data for analytics input – processes, formatting, frequency, checks, infrastructure)
  • Measurement (model input, logical processing, categorization, procedure automation)
  • Attribution (model output, insights qualification, customer engagement)
  • Distribution (information share including reports, standardized views, iterative planning)

Munvo’s QA service packages seek to provide organizations with a clear, easy-to-follow framework for operationalizing the fundamental QA processes and software required to support robust, enterprise-level marketing ecosystems. We help your organization consider a solution for various elements within the Quality Assurance space, including:

  • Data architecture and processes supporting automated QA testing processes
  • Report development and custom views for various user groups and lines of business
  • Training on rule integration and use of our custom product Campaign QA
  • Data sourcing, format checking, and validity
  • Compliance, CASL/GDPR – audit trail enablement, preference center implementation and, retroactive ticket investigation
  • Target segmentation for both real-time and outbound channels (contact strategy verification)

Benefits of Munvo Data Activation Services

Experienced Team
We have been helping clients implement data-driven activation strategies since 2015.
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Facilitate change management within your organization by using Munvo’s available accelerators.

Technology Expertise
Deliver measurable value and see real

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