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Revamp your existing marketing automation solution. With the relevant business and technical resources to manage, develop, test, optimize, operate, and support cross-channel campaigns, Munvo is there to establish the right campaign management system for your business.

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Our Proven Framework

Beginning with in-depth discovery sessions, Munvo’s experts work to help you understand your marketing operation support needs and assess the best consultant profile(s) for the mandate.

In the context of campaign optimization or migration, more specifically, our team provides a proof of concept to help illustrate a solution prior to committing to the expense.

We Support Your MarTech Stack

Campaign Operations Services Provided by Munvo

Marketing Operations
  • Coordinate digital creative assembly, campaign production (data campaign production), QA, campaign execution (deployment), and deployment monitoring tasks
  • Host campaign production status calls with client and respective vendors
  • Follow up on campaign deliverables (client, vendors)
  • Implement marketing campaign operations best practices, supporting tools, and processes
  • Manage campaign SLAs
  • QA campaign brief and final assets prior to starting digital creative assembly and campaign production tasks
Digital Creative Assembly
  • Assemble email creatives (HTML, images, content, links) and test rendering in all browsers / devices (excludes creative development)
  • Develop dynamic and personalized email templates using JS, CSS, and HTML coding best practices
  • Assemble and test creatives for other channels (SMS, Social, Mobile Push Notifications, etc.)
  • Send creative proof tests to client and its vendors; manage proof test approvals
  • Develop reusable custom templates leveraging existing HTML code
  • Test real-time elements via email and coordinate A/B testing (e.g. Liveclicker, Persado)
  • Develop landing pages
Campaign Production
  • Review campaign targeting requirements with client (data validation)
  • Build audience selection logic (targeting) in both marketing automation solution test and production environments
  • Design technical queries leveraging JavaScript or advanced SQL coding
  • Convert data format to expected format when viewed within communications (i.e. convert MM/DD/YYYY format to text format)
  • Develop reusable email, campaign, and selection logic templates
  • Configure communication for deployment in the production workflow
  • Coordinate final audience selection approval with client
  • Complete end-to-end testing of communication with test and / or production data
  • Develop selection logic (targeting) based on vendor best practices
campaignQA and Peer Review
  • Peer review of customized URLs included in any communication channel
  • Develop pre-deployment QA checklist with client
  • Complete pre-deployment QA checklist on production data and communication creative
  • Peer review to validate pre-deployment checklist (initial campaign requirements, selection logic, communication build, campaign properties, end-to-end testing)
Campaign Execution, Monitoring, and Reporting
  • Configure communications for deployment
  • Schedule campaign for deployment or coordinate immediate dispatch
  • Monitor and confirm campaign deployments
  • Provide standard out-of-the box reports to clients and / or vendors
Technical ESP System and User Support
  • Support all marketing automation solution environments (development, test, production), including all configured channels
  • Review, support, and update technical workflows
  • Assist client with the implementation of custom configurations
  • Recommend business or technical process updates based on best practices
  • Host user support enablement meetings
  • Provide user support and training
  • Open and follow up on vendor support tickets

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