Munvo Products

Custom Products for Marketing Solutions

The MunvoLab develops products that add value to the marketing ecosystem in the areas of marketing operations and channel delivery.

Enhancing Your Marketing Solutions

Munvo Products are inspired by our many years of experience implementing marketing solutions and are purposely built to help reduce effort and risk to our client’s marketing operations. As the marketing ecosystem has become more complex and the demand for best-of-breed architecture continues to grow, so has the need for additional products to fill in critical niches increased.

Munvo Products


Stand-alone or add-on products that enhance the use of campaign management solutions. Munvo products are available for both on-premise or cloud solutions.
Munvo Connectors


Customized connectors for integrating distinct capabilities of marketing solutions to other ecosystem technologies.

What is MunvoLab?

Since its inception in 2008, the MunvoLab has been the incubator for conceiving and developing products and connectors that provide integration and marketing operations capabilities missing in the Adobe, SAS, and Unica products. Recent software includes Companion, campaignQA and SMS Gateway.

The MunvoLab Team uses various cloud-based AWS instances, facilitating an agile development cycle by enabling rapid prototyping, pilot implementation and module testing. The MunvoLab is facilitating work with emerging technologies such as Kafka, Bus Architecture and DMP related initiatives.

The MunvoLab is also leveraged by the consulting teams to support client engagements. This typically includes the creation of mirrored client environments to cost-effectively and rapidly test out ideas and concepts. Many clients also get value in the ability to quickly setup Dev and Test instances, eliminating the delay in setting up environments internally. Clients sometimes also use MunvoLab for training purposes since employees can freely experiment and learn without impacting their production and testing systems.