Pega Customer Decision
Hub Consulting

Munvo Pega Customer Decision Hub Consulting Helps You:

Transform your business by addressing customer needs, learn and adapt and, deliver the personalized next best action (NBA)

Leverage our 15 years of NBA experience in bringing diverse systems into a true data platform for real insights into client behaviour 

Integrate Pega CDH without your MarTech stack to make the decisions you need 

Munvo Delivers Services for:

NBA Transformation

Adopt the benefits of a true multi-channel decision layer

Model first view, leverage machine learning and statistical models before business rules

Data and Modeling

Incorporate streaming and actionable data into your customer profile to reach the next level and incorporate models from a variety of sources.

System Integration

Build your best of breed marketing stack and integrate Pega as a decision layer across your marketing stack

By partnering with leading marketing technology platforms for over 16 years and delivering solutions to 30+ clients, Munvo brings trusted frameworks to help clients adopt and adapt their NBA systems to deliver real value. 

Pega Certified Decisioning Consultant

Pega Certified Decisioning Consultant

Pega Certified Data Scientist

Pega Certified Data Scientist

Pega Certified System Architect

Pega Certified System Architect

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