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Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consulting


Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consulting

Munvo Salesforce Marketing Cloud
Consulting Helps You:

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Leverage the Salesforce Marketing Cloud® to deliver exceptional, personalized, real-time digital experiences to new and existing customers, at scale

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Drive value through implementation, integration, and customer journey design

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Develop frameworks for real-time personalization and proof of concepts tailored to your needs

Services Offered by Munvo to Maximize your Investment in Salesforce Marketing Cloud:

Grow your team’s knowledge base and support organizational development

  • Detailed training plan per team, activities, learning outcomes
  • Tiered learning structure with training modules
  • Interactive sessions with use case tailored to your organization
  • Identification of key topics per stakeholder for ongoing training

  • Evaluate your current state and requirements
  • Propose processes to address change management, marketing operations, quality assurance and best practices

Build functional connections between various components of your marketing ecosystem to:

  • Support email deployment
  • Trigger real-time communications
  • Enable interactive SMS exchanges
  • Orchestrate marketing activities across channels including Salesforce email

Munvo offers add-on solutions to further boost the impact of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, such as SMS Gateway for real-time mobile engagement. SMS Gateway allows you to incorporate mobile messaging in your omnichannel marketing strategy and initiate real-time dialogue with your customers.

  • Easily personalize messages, send MMS, or enable real-time fulfillment
  • Trigger the conversation based on customer context
  • Drive engagement, conversions, and customer satisfaction with the user-driven, no-code solution of SMS Gateway

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Discover how a financial services institution unlocked real-time customer journey enablement with Salesforce Journey Builder

Bringing Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Unica Interact together allows our client to leverage real-time personalization for email campaigns with engagement across channels to ensure an omni-channel marketing presence.

Munvo Helps you Get the Most out of
the Salesforce Marketing Cloud

The Munvo team helps you leverage all products within the Salesforce Marketing Cloud to ensure target every potential customer leveraging data-rich insights with automated customer journeys and optimized messaging.

Munvo Consultants are Salesforce Certified


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