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By using Adobe Campaign you can personalize your messages, track results and measure the impact of your campaigns on your customers. You can also use Adobe Campaign to create dynamic email sequences and drive engagement with your customers through push notifications and in-app messages.

Adobe Campaign allows you to:

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Munvo Maximizes your Adobe Campaign Investment

Are your campaigns too slow? Does it take you weeks from brief to delivery?

Munvo’s an Adobe Solution Partner, Gold Specialized and our consultants are equipped to help you solve your business challenges from optimizing campaign run times to deploying Adobe Campaign to any cloud provider (AWS, GCP, Azure).

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Learn how a leading telco company migrated Adobe Campaign to the Cloud.

The client embarked on a company-wide initiative to move all their infrastructure to the Google Cloud Platform. In doing so, Munvo improved application performance and scalability and reduced costs.

Quick Fixes with Adobe Campaign Standard

Unlock the power of Adobe Campaign Standard with our comprehensive collection of the most common Use Cases and our tailor-made solutions. Fill in the form below to download the PDF now and gain valuable insights to elevate your marketing campaigns.

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Services offered by Munvo to optimize
your Adobe Campaign instance:


Have you recently invested in Adobe Campaign but your organization needs help with implementing it properly within your enterprise MarTech stack? Looking to upgrade to the latest version, but unsure of the right path to follow? Need to integrate Adobe Campaign into your existing stack making connections to legacy systems and other MarTech products? Munvo’s experience working exclusively with MarTech since 2005 allows us to bring tested frameworks and efficiencies to your projects saving you money and time and ultimately Maximizing your MarTech investment.

Marketing Transformation

Looking for help translating your marketing visions of customer-centricity or hyper-personalization but not sure where to start? Embarking on a multi-year plan to bring your MarTech to the cutting edge with upcoming organization changes? Having worked in the Marketing Automation space since 2005, Munvo has the right experience to act as your trusted advisor. We can help with all areas of Marketing Transformation, including, but not limited to: 

Data and Analytics
Having invested in MarTech, you understand your customer data is likely the most important asset you have. Reporting dashboards and basic analytics are no longer enough – today’s digital marketers are leveraging customer data at the center of their strategies using CDPs and employing Machine Learning & AI to discover previously unknown patterns and signals within data. Our Data and Analytics teams have experience with all our partner platforms and more to help you boost your return on investment.

Marketing Operations

Whether you need to augment your team capabilities with certified users of Adobe Campaign to account for a peak in campaign bandwidth, or need help running an Application Helpdesk with 24/7 Support for your team, Munvo can help. With deep experience in MarTech we also have the ability to conduct customized, highly impactful training for your team using Adobe Campaign to maximize your use of your investment. 

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