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Adobe Campaign

Customer journey management on a single screen.

Adobe Campaign enables you to act on customer data to build and deploy campaigns through email, mobile and offline channels.

Adobe Campaign allows you to:

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Munvo Maximizes your Adobe Campaign Investment

Are your campaigns too slow? Does it take you weeks from brief to delivery?

Munvo’s an Adobe Solution Partner, Gold Specialized and our consultants are equipped to help you solve your business challenges from optimizing campaign run times to deploying Adobe Campaign to any cloud provider (AWS, GCP, Azure).

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Learn how a leading telco company migrated Adobe Campaign to the Cloud.

The client embarked on a company-wide initiative to move all their infrastructure to the Google Cloud Platform. In doing so, Munvo improved application performance and scalability and reduced costs.

Services offered by Munvo to optimize
your Adobe Campaign instance:

  • Campaign operations
  • Improve content delivery and personalization within the tool
  • Ensure reporting and responsive marketing

Munvo products further enhance your Adobe stack with:

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