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Strategic & Project-Based Consulting

Customize a short-term project-based expertise by engaging with our MO capabilities enablement experts. Break down cross-functional silos and maximize your MarTech investments by partnering with Munvo in strategically assessing the maturity of your organization’s MO.

People and Process are the two most overlooked supporting functions of Marketing Operations. This tends to be the case as the focus is all to often on quickly maximizing value out of the MarTech stack and enabling new data sources to fulfill organizational needs.

This is precisely where Munvo can help by identifying your employee skills gap, defining cross-functional roles and responsibilities, implementing stakeholder governance while adapting your operational processes to support the automation of complex tasks.

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Keeping up with a complex marketing technology landscape, ongoing change and optimization requirements, business goals based on performance and growth, proving marketing attribution while maintaining a steady float of your marketing operations may be more challenging than expected. Munvo helps you assess your MO maturity and scale your operations with time by addressing potential data, people, process, or technology MO pillar gaps through a customized road map framework.

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James Aziz


With a diverse background spanning healthcare, research, enterprise software, and marketing management, James has continued to unlock the remarkable opportunities that artificial intelligence (AI) has to offer.


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