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ActionIQ CDP Consulting

The ActionIQ practice helps data and analytics leaders:


Serve marketing and operations teams by meeting all data requirements in a timely fashion 


Implement the ActionIQ customer data platform as a winning marketing and digital technology stack 


Address business-critical use cases across marketing, sales, customer service and digital channels 


Build a scalable and flexible data platform that evolves and grows with your marketing and marketing operations users 

Munvo's consultants partner directly with ActionIQ to fully engage business users, data architects/engineers and analysts to enable:

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Significant immediate value from your ActionIQ investment – you can build on success by scaling, changing & evolving over time

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Engagement with your own marketing, data, and analyst teams to ensure application of best practices and arm them with technology skillsets & product specific knowledge where needed

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Long-term coverage and support – as new sources are ingested to ActionIQ and as your campaign use cases evolve and extend to true multi-channel delivery

Munvo Products Further Enhance Your Adobe Stack With:

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