SAS Practice

The core of our strategic partnership with SAS focuses on the implementation of SAS Customer Intelligence (CI) Marketing Automation.


As a certified SAS partner, we specialize in SAS Customer Intelligence (CI) Marketing Automation and related modules such as RTDM, MO and Marketing Operations Management (MOM).


SAS Module Expertise

Inbound Use Cases

SAS Module Presence
in Munvo Projects

  • SAS Marketing Automation 95% 95%
  • SAS Marketing Optimization 70% 70%
  • SAS Marketing Operations Management 50% 50%
  • SAS Real-Time Decision Manager 65% 65%
  • SAS Event Stream Processing 10% 10%
  • SAS Customer Intelligence 360: Discover 10% 10%
  • SAS Customer Intelligence 360: Engage 10% 10%

Our SAS Background

With most of Munvo’s clients already using SAS solutions for data modeling and extraction, becoming a SAS partner was a natural extension to Munvo’s services. After the introduction of the SAS CI (Customer Intelligence) – Marketing Automation suite, Munvo initiated a partnership agreement with SAS Canada resulting in Munvo becoming the first Canadian based SAS partner in Customer Intelligence (CI).

In support of the partnership, Munvo was able to quickly develop a team of consultants by leveraging the deep campaign management knowledge from their IBM and Adobe delivery experience and by utilizing the training available through the SAS partnership program.

Base SAS Integration

Munvo’s experience with delivering flexible and scalable campaign management and marketing operations solutions positions the company well to assist organizations with the implementation of the full SAS CI marketing suite: Marketing Automation (MA), Marketing Optimization (MO), Marketing Operations Management (MOM) and Real-Time Decision Manager (RTDM).

Munvo consultants ensure that multi-module implementations deliver the cross-module benefits such as integration with inbound marketing (RTDM) through the promotion of key features that help realize the goals and expected benefits of the project. For example, Munvo consultants implement processes for the use of Custom Nodes or Linked Process, which are critical functions to cost-effectively maintain complex multi-touch campaigns.

Inbound Experience

Having worked on more than 20 personalization projects using inbound marketing technologies, Munvo is well-positioned to support clients with the SAS Real-Time Decision Manager (RTDM) module. Munvo has created a series of common inbound marketing use cases, specifically designed to assist clients in complimenting their outbound marketing capabilities with multi-channel inbound personalized marketing offers and next best action capabilities.

Our SAS CI Work

Easing transitions to inbound marketing models
Development of real-time offerings
Enhanced integration of modeling and predictive behaviors
Custom development and deployment of Enterprise Marketing and Customer Experience solutions
Tailored training for technical & business users
Comprehensive automation of marketing campaigns
Delivery of more and faster-personalized campaigns
Integration with datamarts, CRM solutions, social media networks and operational systems
Integration of Digital Asset Management with real-time marketing solutions
Integration of Demand Side Platforms (DSP) with triggered and automated marketing campaigns