3 Key Takeaways for Customer Intelligence from SAS Global Forum 2021

3 Key Takeaways for Customer Intelligence
from SAS Global Forum 2021

As a SAS Gold Partner with CI Specialization, Munvo attended this year’s SAS Global Forum online event. During this event, SAS shared new trends affecting our clients and Munvo’s SAS specialists have outlined 3 key takeaways and the impact on users. 

SAS Global Forum took place live in a virtual format during May 18 – May 24. As a SAS partner, we watched key sessions to pull the most relevant content for our clients. We also had a special reason to attend and celebrate this year – Munvo was recognised for our SMS Gateway for Customer Intelligence 360 with the Excellence in Innovation Award. Munvo is proud to be recognized for the transformative value that we bring to our partners and clients with our 15+ years of experience and innovation delivering products and services in the MarTech space.

"This is truly a proud moment for Munvo. We are very excited about this partnership and honored to be recognized by a global leader in customer intelligence like SAS, and as a Canadian, I am thrilled to see a Canadian-grown company win an award alongside giants like Microsoft." Anna Ivanova, SAS Practice Lead

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Growth of Machine Learning

The power of machine learning and cloud platforms was showcased everywhere at this year’s event. SAS has been long recognized as a global leader in analytics and the Global Forum provided many examples of the use of AI across industries. This past year SAS unveiled Viya 4, the new version of their cloud-native platform for analytics and data management, as well as a new partnership with Microsoft Azure.

Our team was impressed with many of the new features on SAS tools like VA and decisioning services on Viya, which help companies operationalize insights and let the power of AI drive customer interactions. These scalable cloud solutions bring greater operational efficiency to large enterprises, but they also allow midsize companies to quickly deploy modern analytics solutions, and together with the cloud-based Customer Intelligence 360 suite let them quickly bring those insights to customer interactions.

Expanding Digital Transformation

The past year has led to many turbulent changes across industries and increased the urgency to transform customer experiences and interactions in the digital age. SAS’s wide variety of products from analytics to customer intelligence are helping build digital-first engagement in industries like life sciences and pharma, health care, insurance, which have been more conservative in client interactions in the past. The pandemic has encouraged more conservative industries to begin digital transformation and use omnichannel engagement to help their clients. Front-runners in these industries are taking traditional marketing tools, like journey building and omnichannel engagement, and using them for outreach to patients and to healthcare providers to provide them education, enhanced experiences and help achieve better health outcomes.

Bridging the Gap Between Analytics and Customer Experience

The deployment of analytics for customer intelligence doesn’t end when a score is calculated – insights have to be brought to the digital engagement tools and turned into action. Companies have the most success when they can put the analytics score in the appropriate business context and deliver personalized engagement and relevant decisions in real time. Real-time decisioning services like SAS Intelligent Decisioning or SAS RTDM bridge the gap between customer insight and action. SAS Intelligent Decisioning is a powerful tool to combine analytical models, business rules, reference lookup and other logic into a decision flow that is exposed as a mid tier service for applications to consume and provide the best decisions on any channel, across the business cycle. SAS Global Forum showcased the power of decisioning in multiple sessions, with great examples from Insurance, Financial services, and other industries.

Recognizing Innovation in Partner Services and Products

Once again, SAS honoured global Partners of the Year who help customers uncover hidden value, improve decisions, and drive digital transformations. This year, Munvo was honored as a global partner along Microsoft and Accenture, for our SMS Gateway solution, which received the SAS Excellence in Innovation partner award for 2021.

SMS Gateway enables real-time conversations combined with the power of SAS Customer Intelligence 360 and expands and enhances the mobile channel for more direct and personalized communications, allowing SAS Customer Intelligence users to easily create real-time SMS/MMS bi-directional dialogue with their clients.

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