SAS Innovate 2024 Highlights: Innovation and Engagement with Munvo

SAS Innovate 2024 Highlights: Innovation and Engagement with Munvo

Munvo’s team is back from SAS Innovate 2024, and we are excited about what we saw! The conference was an inspiring look into the future of data and AI in customer intelligence, highlighting multiple new Gen AI features in SAS Viya and SAS Customer Intelligence 360 with the power to transform how marketers work with data and the insights they can leverage. As a SAS focus partner for marketing technology, Munvo is excited to access these new features and help our clients incorporate them in their marketing transformation strategies to deliver personalised, relevant content at scale.
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Below are the key takeaways from our team members.

Breaking new ground for marketers with SAS CI 360

At the ‘’Customer Intelligence Connect’’ session, industry and technology leaders explored the future of customer engagement and innovation. Munvo’s VP of professional services Anna Ivanova and Desjardins Group’s Director of Marketing Cynthia Vaillancourt presented on stage at how Desjardins delivers enhanced personalised advice with SAS CI 360. SAS presented the latest enhancements in its CI 360 offering. We were especially excited to see the newest GenAI-enhanced capabilities of CI 360 Audiences, and Journeys components.

Revolutionizing data and insights with Generative AI

As expected, Generative AI (GenAI) took center stage this year at SAS Innovate, with discussions and demonstrations of use cases and integrations dominating the programming. SAS unveiled several new products and features that make use of the innovative technology across the entirety of its product range. In addition to the exciting CI 360-GenAI integration, multiple new features leveraging GenAI within SAS Viya were showcased (Large Language Models integration feature, Viya Copilot: a personal assistant for users of the SAS Viya platform and SAS Data Maker: a tool for generating high-quality synthetic tabular data), allowing existing SAS Viya clients the freedom and flexibility to leverage GenAI within their organizations.

Surrounding all the hype and excitement that comes with GenAI are important questions about the ethical impacts of their use, including perpetuation of unfair biases from the training data that persist in the final models. Ethical and responsible AI was the focus of many discussions, and SAS VP of AI ethics, Reggie Townsend, delved deep into the efforts that SAS is making to improve their own products and set industry standards in data and AI governance.

Leveraging AI for audience creation for marketers

One of the highlights of CI Connect was the demonstration of AI-driven audience creation in CI 360 Audiences. The exciting GenAI integration allows for users to use a natural language prompt to create a customer segment from a data source, further cementing CI 360 as a tool that empowers its marketers to deliver the same highly refined segments, without the technical knowhow. The Munvo team was excited to see the live demo of the new feature which further democratizes access to data for marketers and enhances their productivity, leaving them free to focus on more strategic and creative tasks.

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Munvo met with its partners and clients at the Chandelier Bar

After a long day of sessions and the excitement of CI Connect, Munvo hosted a get-together at the stunning Chandelier bar in the Cosmopolitan. Clients and partners alike gathered at the iconic venue, surrounded by shimmering crystals, to network and enjoy fantastic cocktails. We extend our gratitude to everyone who joined us, making the event a remarkable success.

SAS and partners double down on delivering value to clients

Munvo is proud to be a member of the Partner Advisory Board at SAS, where select partners globally help SAS refine their product offering and enhance the way they work for client success. We got a first look at many upcoming product enhancements for analytics, marketing, planning and more. As the premier systems integrator for SAS for marketing in North America, Munvo is excited to incorporate all the new product offerings in our strategy and help our clients use their full potential.

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