Understanding Hybrid Solutions

Understanding Hybrid Solutions

Compared to more traditional on-premise hosted technology stacks, or those part of a single-vendor ecosystem, today’s hybrid marketing systems serve to minimize costs, enhance customization, and expand overall market reach. The current state of multiple vendors, with both on-premise and cloud-based solutions provides improved best of breed capabilities, but also integration challenges that need to be considered.

New channels and marketing strategies, naturally, raise issues around prioritization. While the overhead to implement new technologies is generally low, it is crucial to plan ahead, prepare for major compromise, and tackle any lingering operational issues beforehand. From design and execution to ongoing maintenance, you need the right support to facilitate such a vast operational transition.

Operational Functionality

With experts across multiple marketing technology platforms, Munvo is there to help build end-to-end-operations with hybrid solutions, while mitigating major challenges, such as the overlapping functions (and limitations) of each technology, as well as the most efficient use of their distinct data models. After all, hybrid solutions raise a specific set of process considerations around the resources required as data flows from one technology to the next.

For your hybrid stack to succeed, Munvo promptly delineates roles and responsibilities for each individual technology so that they are not competing. This ensures that all key decisions or processes, like whitelisting, are determined by a single solution to avoid any inconsistencies that can result in a legal liability (i.e. communicating to a customer who has already opted out).

Limitations and Constraints

To keep your hybrid solution running efficiently, you must evaluate the technology, in the context of your operational processes. This allows you to leverage what they do best, or where they fall short.

Munvo harnesses strategic partnerships with multiple marketing technology enterprises to design, maintain, and grow your ideal hybrid architecture. Munvo’s team of certified specialists frequently integrate technologies like Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) with clients’ existing technology stacks. SFMC, a prominent SAAS technology in the enterprise marketing space, diverges from other key players (HCL, Adobe, SAS) that still predominantly offer on-premise solutions.

That being said, diverse technologies do certainly complement one other. To actively reinforce SFMC’s journey builder and omnichannel capabilities, for instance, you might implement HCL Campaign’s Unica Offer Management Solution.


Data Modelling

One of the most difficult and often overlooked aspects of hybrid architecture involves the implementation of different data models. As mentioned, data moving between systems leaves room for inconsistencies surrounding key fields and data syncs, which in turn, compromise data-driven decisioning.

A data modeling engagement is a necessary step to map out these models and secure clean data for marketing enablement – from analytics and reporting to targeting and segmentation. This is how best practices are established and enforced.

Incorporating new technologies or solutions into your marketing stack is never simple. Seamless solutions require time to implement properly, but the rewards are often worth the effort. By assessing your team’s technical and practical readiness, Munvo can help you map out precise hybrid systems tailored to your every need.

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