Introducing Salesforce Marketing Cloud Growth Edition: A Comprehensive Overview

Introducing Salesforce Marketing Cloud Growth Edition: A Comprehensive Overview

Salesforce recently announced the launch of Marketing Cloud Growth Edition (MCGE), a marketing application built on Salesforce’s core platform, also known as the Einstein 1 platform. Data Cloud, which is integral to MCGE, is also built on this platform. MCGE features new builders (based on Salesforce CMS), a data model that taps into Salesforce objects (accounts, contacts, leads, campaigns, etc.), and a comprehensive suite of data management capabilities through Data Cloud and Einstein’s generative tools.

How is it Different?

MCGE differs from the legacy Salesforce Marketing Cloud (formerly Exact Target) acquired by Salesforce. The key distinction is its integration with the core Salesforce platform, bringing enhanced speed and generative AI capabilities.

Marketing Cloud ‘On Core’
(Einstein 1)

Marketing Cloud Growth Edition is integrated with Data Cloud, both residing on the Einstein 1 platform. Introduced at Dreamforce ‘23, Einstein 1 is a re-engineered core Salesforce platform designed to handle generative AI with remarkable speed. Salesforce has been focused on innovating their marketing products, with a roadmap outlining many AI-powered features for Marketing Cloud built on Data Cloud.

Target Audience – Who is it for?

MCGE targets B2B/SMB (small-medium) organizations with functionalities such as:

  • Lead capture
  • Sending leads into journeys
  • Sending emails and SMS messages
  • Automating notifications to sales and service teams
  • Engagement scoring*
  • Reporting on engagement (emails, SMS, landing pages, and forms)

*Engagement scoring combines behavioral scoring and demographic grading.

While designed for B2B/SMB, MCGE’s flexible design also supports advanced B2C marketing use cases, enabling personalized cross-channel journeys and comprehensive reporting.

Marketing Cloud Growth Edition: Architecture Overview

The architecture of MCGE integrates seamlessly with Data Cloud and other core platform applications, providing a cohesive marketing ecosystem. The images below illustrate this integration.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud - Growth Edition

This is what Marketing Cloud Growth Edition app looks like when launched:

Salesforce Marketing Cloud - Growth Edition

As with most Salesforce products today, Marketing Cloud Growth Edition comes with Einstein.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud - Growth Edition
Salesforce Marketing Cloud - Growth Edition

The Content Building Section (for Emails, Forms, Landing Pages, etc.)

MCGE leverages Salesforce’s Content Management System, offering a shared repository for asset management. The Content Builder provides a guided setup process for creating emails, forms, landing pages, etc., with steps like:
  • Define your audience
  • Create your message content
  • Define the ‘from’ name and which preference the recipient is a part of
  • Schedule for a specific date and time, or use Einstein Send Time Optimization to select an optimal send time based on past email performance
  • Decide whether to track email opens/clicks with an on/off toggle, allowing for transactional email metrics control
  • Dynamic content is not currently available but is planned for a future release.
Salesforce Marketing Cloud - Growth Edition

Flows (Automations & Journeys)

On the core Salesforce platform, flows power automations, allowing users to build complex business solutions with clicks, not code. Flows will support automations for MCGE, offering functionalities similar to Automation Studio and Journey Builder. Salesforce Flows can perform various tasks such as sending emails, posting on Chatter, sending custom notifications, and more. Flows can be triggered by record insert, update, or delete events and can run before or after these events, making it a powerful tool for automations within MCGE.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud - Growth Edition

Salesforce Einstein (AI & Machine Learning Capabilities)

Salesforce Einstein integrates AI and Machine Learning technologies across the Salesforce platform. Features like Send Time Optimization and Co-Create (for campaign brief and message generation) will be available in MCGE. Marketers can leverage Generative AI to draft email copy, subject lines, and pre-header copy, enhancing efficiency and personalization.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud - Growth Edition

Reporting and Analytics

MCGE includes a suite of reports and dashboards built on Data Cloud, providing robust analytics capabilities. This integration enables detailed reporting on engagement across various assets such as emails, SMS, landing pages, and forms.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud - Growth Edition

Cost and Limits

MCGE is priced at $18,000 per organization per year, targeting B2B/SMB organizations. This base price includes:
  • 180k email sends per organization per year (additional email sends available at extra cost)
  • 10k unified profiles via Data Cloud
  • 10k activation and segmentation credits to use with Data Cloud
  • Engagement scoring rule builder (e.g., if a recipient clicks on an email, increase their score by a certain number of points)
  • Einstein-powered features like Send-Time Optimization

Additional features, such as SMS, are available at an extra cost of $10 per 1,000 sends. Organizations can also purchase add-ons if the base features do not meet their needs.

Seeing is Believing

Salesforce Marketing Cloud - Growth Edition

Watch the launch video to see how it all comes together on the core Salesforce platform.

Munvo's Expertise with Salesforce Marketing Cloud Growth Edition

At Munvo, we are dedicated to helping you maximize the potential of Salesforce Marketing Cloud Growth Edition. Our team of experts can assist with implementation, optimization, and ongoing support to ensure you get the most out of your marketing efforts. Visit our Salesforce Marketing Cloud strategic partnerships page to learn more about how we can support your journey with MCGE.

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