What is Data Cloud?

What is Data Cloud?

Data Cloud is the real-time platform for customer magic. Unify your customer data and act on insights with AI and automation in real time. Bring real-time data power to Customer 360. Save time and money while growing revenue with Data Cloud.
  • Connect – Connect all your customer data at scale, from any app, device, or real-time stream, with out-of-the-box connectors.
  • Harmonize – Automatically harmonize all this data into a single customer graph.
  • Engage – Empower any department and any industry with unified customer profiles that adapt to their activity in real-time.
  • Experience – Create magical experiences for your customers in critical moments when milliseconds matter most.

Data Cloud

The following video is 1 of 12 sessions which consist of presentations and product demonstrations by Salesforce employees and industry professionals from different Salesforce partners.

Why is Data Cloud Important?

As technology keeps moving forward, customer expectations are higher than ever.

Data is everywhere, and customers want to engage with data in real time.

This is the most significant technological shift to the Salesforce platform in the last 25 years.

At this very moment, we know that there are teams in organizations that are being asked to do more with less.

  • Unified Data Saves Time They are looking for ways to save time.. And companies today are saving 67% of technology resources with a unified data solution.
  • AI Reduces Costs They are looking for ways to reduce costs.. And 79% of companies have achieved cost reduction with artificial intelligence.
  • Automation Increases Productivity They are looking for ways to increase productivity.. And 77% of companies are saving more than 2 hours a week across each line of business by automating repetitive tasks.

The pressures of the market and inflation are shifting the way they do business.

How can Data Cloud add value for clients?

Data Cloud is natively integrated with Customer 360, making Salesforce a great place for all customer data. Whether it’s external data from your website, mobile app, and end products, or internal data from your Salesforce org and clouds like sales or service. Data Cloud can connect and harmonize all this data on the Salesforce Platform to:
  • Reduce costs with Einstein’s AI-powered predictions, recommendations, and insights that use real-time unified profile data to personalize every customer experience.
  • Increase productivity by connecting real-time data with Salesforce Flow to automate any business process and reduce manual tasks.
  • Reduce time to market by powering low-code app development.
All of this, while keeping your customer data secure and compliant, on the Hyperforce infrastructure.

Key Capabilities & Value

Data Cloud includes the following capabilities:

Map Data Into a User-Friendly Model

  • Speed & Scale: Leverage built-in data bundles for fast data ingestion from Salesforce C360.
  • Transform: Cleanse and prepare your data with a library of data transformation functions.
  • Hit the Ground Running: Access out-of-the-box standard data models based on the Salesforce Information Model or extend it to customize your own models.

Identity Resolution and Profile Curation

  • Resolve Known Identity: Use an exact match on a combination of email, phone number, first and last name or supplied identifier to resolve identity.
  • Data Reconciliation: Define rules on how to merge data together into a unified profile – last updated, source priority, etc.
  • Go Beyond Marketing Data: Stitch Sales, Service, and Commerce Cloud data into the unified profile using our connected cloud infrastructure.

Segment and Activate

  • Self-Service and Flexible Segmentation: Easy-to-use segmentation experience for segmenting over Individuals, Households and Accounts.
  • Intelligent, On-the-fly Aggregation: Perform on-the-fly segment analytics and construct segments using Einstein AI.
  • Enable Personalization Anywhere: Activate across all direct and advertising channels and use profiles for content optimization and next best action through systems of engagement.

Analyze and Understand

  • Insights: Define multi-dimensional metrics such as LTV, CSAT, or RFM at the profile or audience level and gain a deeper understanding of your customer.
  • Tableau Connector: Leverage the unified profile data and calculated insights from Audiences for exploration in Tableau to better know the customers in your campaigns.
  • Data Query API: Query and extract aggregated profile data and integrate with any system or channel inside and outside of Salesforce for rich analysis.

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