5 Benefits of Adobe Workfront

5 Benefits of Adobe Workfront

Two of Munvo’s Workfront certified specialists, Charbel Nohra and Saba Mirza, outline the 5 key benefits of using Workfront which enable companies to have better return on investment and overall to streamline their marketing operations.

Munvo has worked with MRM (Marketing Resource Management) tools since our inception enabling us to develop deep knowledge and context around the value they bring to our clients.. This is why we are excited that Adobe has acquired Workfront as we believe it is a perfect synergy with their existing Experience Cloud. Adobe Workfront is a centralized workplace that helps to give marketers real-time insight into portfolios, programs, projects, resources, and more. With its sleek interface, Workfront’s project management abilities can identify bottlenecks and gaps in the process.

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Adobe Workfront keeps your business centralized with real time information  including updates on tasks, projects, issues, and reports. You can deliver great work by cutting on project related meetings and ensuring improved collaboration through a single platform of engagement while utilizing custom views to display user specific information on tasks, projects, reports, etc.

Real-time Dashboards and Reports

Decisioning made easy with customizable dashboards that allows users to identify trends with planning and completion of projects. Workfront includes reporting templates that can be shared between users to speed up the process of creating additional reports.

Workfront’s use of automation ensures a reduction of time and effort by streamlining processes. The following are the many ways a users can use automation:
  • Proofing workflows
  • Customizable notifications
  • Routing requests
  • Templates – to ensure that all the right information is gathered upfront.
  • Estimating dates
  • Template layout for specific users

Workfront has the capability to integrate with today’s top enterprise tools: Salesforce, AEM, Adobe Creative Cloud, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Teams, Sharepoint and more. These integrations facilitate achieving a better centralized environment by eliminating the need for disconnecting applications.

Resource Management

Define work effort by setting goals and milestones with calendars, budgets, task tracking, timesheets and more. Easily reassign tasks and projects by groups, teams, and job roles.

In summary, Munvo enables our clients to maximize their investment

Let’s review an example on how a broadcasting company incorporated Workfront to better streamline their processes. Prior to adopting Workfront, this company relied on email communication for the latest information and marketers needed a way to create requests at a faster pace with less manual errors.

With the adoption of Workfront, they enabled:

  • limited email communication by 50% while improving overall communication
  • centralized a place for asset management which reduced the time it takes to create, upload and update assets by 25%
  • sped up the creation of requests by 30% through the use of preconfigured project templates 
  • increased by 25% the number of completed requests due to better resource allocation and time management
  • boosted visibility with reporting tools leading to a 20% increase on ROI

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