Reach Effective Engagement with SMS Marketing

Reach Effective Engagement with SMS Marketing

There are over 5 billion people who use SMS, with more than 80% of them keeping their message notifications switched on. Considering the rise of mobile users this past decade, SMS has become a crucial component for the success of your omnichannel marketing strategy.

Munvo’s Brad Penwarden, VP of Technology & Solutions, and Twilio’s Kevin Boutin, Partner Account Executive, dive deep into the world of SMS marketing and how SMS can result in a better bottom line for your business.

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The M-Commerce Landscape

In the ongoing pursuit of customer relevancy, the importance of developing and maintaining dynamic experiences predicated on consistent and personalized conversations with your customers is increasingly critical. The dominance of mobile enables accessibility and favors the use of SMS marketing.

“66% of millennials prefer to be reached by SMS, messaging, or social media apps” Twilio & Lawless Research, 2019
How SMS marketing integrates with the customer journey

Incorporating SMS in your omnichannel marketing strategy can significantly improve your customers’ experience, however consumers have shown concerns around the conversational economy, including:

  • Where is this message coming from – can it be trusted?
  • How is my data being used/going to be used?
  • Can I get information on my terms?


Here are best practices to deliver real-time conversations to your end users while accounting for their concerns:

  1. Personalization

Most consumers prefer tailored communications that highlight their use preferences, history and needs. With personalization, the risk of unwanted generic messages is reduced.

  1. Relevancy

Communications are appropriate for the stage in the customer journey and are delivered at the right time.

  1. Trust

Communications are from a recognized sender that contains verifiable content that is secure.

Engage Customer Across the Lifecycle

Munvo, with SMS Gateway and Twilio, has enabled customer engagement in the following areas:

  1. Promotion/Interest

To put this into context, lets visit an example where a retailer used SMS Gateway to drive user growth. During this stage, the customer opts in to a marketing promotion and receives digital offers such as free shipping, by texting a number.

  1. Product Selection

During this stage, the goal is to optimize customer acquisition cost. Following the same example and based on the user’s behaviours, the customer is incentivized to use a promo code for a limited offer on a specific product category.

  1. Post Purchase

Equally important, the post purchase stage focuses on improving customer satisfaction. With SMS Gateway and Twilio, customers are kept updated about the delivery status of their recent purchase.

  1. Value Added Services

Lastly, customers are engaged by value added services and dynamic support thereby reducing churn.


From enhanced engagement to increased conversions, SMS marketing enabled an average of 98% open rate and 45% response rate. If your interested in implementing SMS marketing to power your customers’ experiences, watch the on-demand webinar.

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