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Automate Customer Journeys with Salesforce Journey Builder

Behavior-based customer journeys are a powerful way to understand your customers and learn how they interact with your products. They can help you create plans that optimize engagement and conversion for your business. Salesforce Marketing Cloud Journey Builder makes it easy for you to create customer journeys based on what your customers are doing, what they’ve done in the past, and what could happen in the future. Whether you need to plan a new marketing campaign or just understand customer behavior better, Salesforce Journey Builder can help you get there quickly and easily.

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Create activities suited for any customer segment or scenario
making it easier to connect with your target audience.

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Design and manage customized activities
that support data collection and end-to-end processes.

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Create custom journeys with impact
to reach the right customers at the right time, without delay.

Benefits of Using Salesforce Journey Builder

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1-to-1 Journeys

Create a journey for each of the channels in your campaign, such as email, social media, and push notifications. Using Multi-Step Journey, Single Send Journey and Transaction Send Journey you will be able to create transactions, which are groups of related actions that you want your customer to take as part of your campaign.

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Behavioral Triggers

Activate Behavioral Triggers to easily deploy abandonment journeys for browse, cart, and wish list use cases. These triggers will help you capture customer behavior and determine whether customers are abandoning your content, prompting you to take corrective action.

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Leverage Diverse Communication Channels

Develop cross-channel campaigns that reach your target audience through Email, SMS, Whatsapp, Line Messages, Push notifications, Advertising, Cloud pages, and Apps. This will give you the ability to track your progress and make changes as needed, so that you can continue to reach your target audience even when they’re not using your app or website

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Search based on Specific Criteria

You can use goals to assess the quality of contacts that meet your criteria for a successful journey. This can help you measure the progress you’re making and determine whether you need to change or adjust your goal criteria.

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Deliver Personalized Experiences

By understanding the data collected from each stage of the customer journey, customer engagement can be improved. Additionally, this understanding allows for improved message building and increased reactivity to changes in trend.

Webinar: How to Retain Customers with Salesforce Journey Builder

This webinar provides an outline of how customer journeys will lead to increased user satisfaction with use cases and a demonstration.

Enhancing SFMC Experience

Munvo Salesforce Journey Builder Consulting Helps You:

Create a Roadmap for Every Customer Journey
A customer’s life cycle is a journey that begins with awareness and ends with conversion. When designing your marketing campaigns, it is important to understand the different phases a customer goes through on their journey. By understanding the customer life cycle, you can create a roadmap that will help you visualize the different touchpoints and the customer experience as a whole. This exercise will help you better understand your target market and what needs to be done in order to convert them into customers. Munvo’s marketing transformation services can help you align your team’s business goals with a personalized, phase-driven marketing roadmap. Download our framework here to learn more about what we can offer you.
Understand the Capabilities of Salesforce Marketing Cloud Journey Builder
To provide the best customer experience and create lasting value, it is important to leverage the capabilities of Salesforce Journey Optimizer to their full potential. Munvo has devised a comprehensive training plan that will help you understand the capabilities of your tech stack and navigate through it.
Increase Engagement and Drive Revenue with Personalization

Personalization is critical to engage and understand your customers. By adding SMS Gateway to Salesforce Journey Builder, you will be able to send SMS messages to your customers at key buying moments, such as when they are about to make a purchase or after they’ve made one. This gives you the opportunity to connect with them in a more personal way and capitalize on key buying moments.

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Munvo’s SMS Gateway enables businesses to have real-time conversations with their customers through mobile messaging. Its user-driven, no code solution allows you to send SMS alerts in real-time, such as limited time offers and shipment tracking information.

Services offered by Munvo:

Grow your team’s knowledge base and support organizational development
  • Detailed training plan per team, activities, learning outcomes
  • Tiered learning structure with training modules
  • Interactive sessions with use case tailored to your organization
  • Identification of key topics per stakeholder for ongoing training
  • Evaluate your current state and requirements
  • Propose processes to address change management, marketing operations, quality assurance and best practices

Build functional connections between various components of your marketing ecosystem to:

  • Support email deployment
  • Trigger real-time communications
  • Enable interactive SMS exchanges
  • Orchestrate marketing activities across channels including Salesforce email
Custom Development

Munvo offers add-on solutions to further boost the impact of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, such as SMS Gateway for real-time mobile engagement. SMS Gateway allows you to incorporate mobile messaging in your omnichannel marketing strategy and initiate real-time dialogue with your customers.

  • Easily personalize messages, send MMS, or enable real-time fulfillment
  • Trigger the conversation based on customer context
  • Drive engagement, conversions, and customer satisfaction with the user-driven, no-code solution of SMS Gateway

Munvo Offers Support for Salesforce
Marketing Cloud Tools

Munvo offers guidance on how to best use all Salesforce Marketing Cloud resources so you can reach every potential customer, leveraging data-rich insights and automated customer journeys. In addition to this, you’ll be able to optimize your messaging for the best results.

Maximize Your MarTech Investment

Book a meeting directly with one of our senior consultants to review your current environment and understand your goals. Not ready to talk yet? Simply provide us with your contact information so we can address any questions you might have via email.


Munvo In Action

Learn more how Munvo leveraged Salesforce Marketing Cloud capabilities in the financial sector to leverage real-time personalization for email campaigns with engagement across channels to ensure an omni-channel marketing presence.
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