Adobe Practice

Within the cutting-edge Adobe Experience Cloud marketplace, Munvo’s Adobe Campaign credentials outshine and differentiate us from our competitors.

Our Expertise

Our certified Adobe Experience Cloud consultants work with clients to implement personalized use cases, customer journeys and the marketing campaigns they’ve envisioned.


Years of Experience


Our Adobe Expertise

Our Adobe History

When Adobe acquired Neolane Inc. in 2013, Munvo was already a partner of the France-based marketing technology provider. Rebranded as Adobe Campaign, the Neolane acquisition has proven to be an industry game-changer, further solidifying Adobe’s lead in the marketing technology space.

Munvo has completed over 165 Adobe projects, building a team of 40+ Adobe certified consultants with deep implementation experience in Adobe Campaign, Target, and Analytics. Munvo delivers Adobe consulting services directly to clients and as a subcontractor to Adobe solutions as well as supporting other systems integrators requiring our deep knowledge and experience. Munvo delivers Adobe solutions both on-premise and hosted in the cloud.

Accelerate and Integrate

Munvo’s Adobe Campaign services include implementation planning, product configuration, training and marketing run services. Projects typically include updates and changes to the underlying customer data as well. Munvo also has credentials in integrating Adobe Campaign with other Adobe modules — including Adobe Analytics, Target and Adobe Experience Manager.

To help the accelerate the Adobe Campaign product knowledge and certification of the Munvo consulting team, Munvo conducts regular Adobe solutions boot camps. Munvo employees are also enrolled in a variety of courses offered through Munvo’s EMM (Enterprsie Markeitng Management) School, a video-based eLearning platform.

Complementary Add-ons

The Munvo Lab develops complementary products and connectors for the Adobe marketing platform. The Munvo Connectors are designed to improve integration of Adobe Campaign with other Adobe modules, other marketing solutions or client interaction channels. For example, Munvo Connectors integrates message delivery platforms such as Twilio for improved SMS communications. The Munvo campaignQA product compliments Adobe Campaign by automating many of the QA failure points in the marketing operations process.

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Our Adobe Campaign Work

Integration of Adobe Campaign with external Content Management Systems to streamline and automate creative workflow
Implementation of Adobe Campaign’s Interaction offer-engine to support real-time inbound personalization
Integration of Adobe Campaign with external call center applications, providing call center agents with each caller’s contact history, for greater customer support and call relevancy
Implementation of Message Center for Adobe Campaign to support transaction messages such as order and booking confirmations
Implementation of custom API endpoints to enable external system access to Adobe Campaign functionality
Development of a connector integrating SMS channel channel, using HTTP protocol for both inbound and outbound communications
Development and delivery of highly personalized, in-classroom courses to educate and transition clients in the use of the Adobe marketing functionality
Implementation of partitioning in Adobe Campaign by line of business (LoB) and region to enable improved secuirty and performance
Adobe Certified

Adobe Marketing Solutions Certified

In addition to Munvo’s 6+ years experience in Adobe marketing solutions across a wide variety of industries, our consultants have earned more than 50 Adobe professional certifications. Our team has even contributed to the creation of a few Adobe Campaign tutorial videos found on the Adobe Campaign Classic – Tutorials and Videos website.