3 Main Takeaways from the 2023 Adobe Summit

3 Main Takeaways from the 2023 Adobe Summit

We had the privilege of attending this year’s Adobe Summit, which promised to be a source of innovation, information, and inspiration. As an experienced team of digital marketing MarTech professionals, we were eager to see what the summit had in store. In this post, we’ll be sharing some of our key takeaways from the conference and discussing how these new trends and technologies will impact the future of digital marketing. So, without further ado, let’s dive in!
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The Munvo team went to Las Vegas from March 21-23 to participate in Adobe Summit 2023, where we aimed to gain insights into industry trends and network with like-minded professionals. This year’s conference was a significant event for the digital marketing world; around 10,000 people, including a global virtual audience, attended the event. Attendees had a chance to learn skills and gain knowledge from Adobe and its partners, including Munvo, on creating tailored experiences that boost customer engagement, growth, and brand loyalty.

1. Customer Centricity is the Key

Adobe Summit 2023 focused heavily on the shift towards customer experience-driven marketing; companies are moving towards more customer-centric ideals. Adobe aims to take this further by providing the technology and solutions to create a unique, end-to-end brand experience for each customer.

Key factors why you should focus on customer-centric strategy:

  • B2B marketing is rapidly evolving and poses challenges for companies to deliver a seamless customer experience
  • Customers interact with businesses across multiple touchpoints, making it difficult to maintain messaging alignment and create a cohesive experience
  • B2B customers expect companies to know everything about their accounts and re-evaluate their services daily
  • Adobe focuses on experience-led growth by creating buyer profiles and enterprise account-based personalization to address these challenges
  • The future of B2B customer experience is driven by customer centricity, focusing on the digital space, and utilizing AI and ML
  • Adobe’s Real-Time CDP allows companies to centralize and consolidate interaction data, ensuring one profile and segment across channels
  • Adobe’s Marketo Measure provides B2B attribution, driving attribution with AI and attribution models for constant transformation
  • Marketo Engage (New) enables companies to centralize their B2B touchpoint orchestration and enhance it with Adobe CDP technology
  • Adobe Sensei GenAI enables companies to pull new chat content, research articles, and webinars to the right audience in the right industry
  • Intelligent automation and workflow, coupled with Marketo, help companies build marketing journeys and map them across different CRM tools, pushing them to social, SEO, and all digital channels and connecting them to Workfront to align planning, resources, and events.
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What does Customer-centricity mean in 2023?

Are you curious about the concept of customer-centricty and unsure if your organization has effectively implemented it?

2. Focus on Data & Insights

The Adobe Summit highlighted data and insight as critical components for enhancing customer experience and acknowledged the challenges in the data world for marketing. One of the most significant problems is managing data, systems, and teams in silos. This results in disconnected data silos that require different mapping, making it challenging to develop a unified data strategy that aligns with the customer experience strategy. Real-time data is also tricky for clients due to legacy data sources or systems hindering real-time data streaming across systems and batch processes that are too complex to reverse engineer. To address these issues, Adobe aspires to help solve data challenges by emphasizing the criticality of data and dealing with abandonment issues, understanding data signals, and unlocking new data sources. Adobe also provides cross-channel insights to help centralize functions and align data, derive fields from enhancing data within CDP tools, and utilize AI-driven insights for intelligent captions to identify the KPIs needed to understand marketing better. Additionally, Adobe Product Analytics can drive reporting on products with self-serving analytical tools for product teams that leverage similar models for products and audiences from marketing to sales.

3. Connect Tech, Data, People, and Process

One of the biggest blockers to enterprise marketing operations is operations. New technology and data mean new processes and ways of working. Adobe recognizes the challenge companies face in quickly seeing actual ROI, so they support technology users with new tools such as the use case library, product support, and out-of-the-box integration with legacy tools. Adobe understands the need to consolidate critical components of marketing operations to streamline E2E processes. It has opened its solutions, such as Adobe Real-Time CDP, Adobe AEM, and Marketo Engage to integrate easily with different technology stacks and solutions.

AI/ML is also driving marketing operations, and Munvo recommends generating data visualizations and insights on E2E operations to identify bottlenecks, issues, resource allocation, and budgeting and adapt accordingly. Adobe encourages a “Rule of One” mentality, where the best architecture solution is still by using the best-in-breed mentality. By leveraging AI/ML and consolidating key components of marketing operations, companies can adapt and keep up with the ever-growing expectations and demands of the marketing world.

At Munvo, we specialize in providing marketing technology consulting services to help enterprises maximize the potential of their Adobe tools. Our team of experts has the knowledge and experience to help you implement, integrate, and optimize your Adobe solutions to create a seamless, end-to-end customer experience. Whether you need assistance with data management, AI/ML-driven decision-making, or streamlining your marketing operations, we can help. Contact us today to learn how our consultants can help your enterprise succeed with Adobe tools.

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