Real-time Marketing in the Financial Services Industry

Real-time Marketing in the Financial Services Industry

Explore real-time personalization in banking for a bigger bottom line

The key to any successful sales initiative relies on getting the right offer to the right people—those who have the highest likelihood of accepting your pitch. Effective messaging should be relevant, timely, and heavily customer focused.

In the financial services industry, change takes time. Banks are highly bureaucratic organizations, with demanding processes required to adopt new systems. Considering the rise in FinTech and Financial apps, however, companies must learn to innovate quickly to hold onto their customer base through real-time marketing initiatives.

Get to know your customer

Almost half of North American Marketing Executives define real-time marketing as dynamic, personalized, cross-channel content. Unlike traditional outbound marketing strategies, where you might send out mass communications to wide-reaching audiences and hope that a percentage responds, real-time inbound marketing unleashes the full potential of personalization.

Heightened personalization fortifies trust and fosters a deeper relationship with your customers. In fact, a recent study conducted by CGI found that 91% of customers believe that it is important to “be known” to their bank. It is by strengthening those relationships that you will be able to cross-sell, or upsell, your campaigns, and increase your overall revenue.

It’s time for real time

Real-time marketing is becoming all the more crucial in this contemporary consumer era. It primarily allows you to personalize at a much larger scale, with automated solutions that increase efficiency for a faster time to market.

By providing access to key data, real-time marketing helps you determine relevant messaging tailored to consumer needs, habits, and preferences. Simply put, it enables you to leverage real-time session data to better understand those you’re targeting.

Reassess your Technology Ecosystem

Munvo recognizes the value of considering your customer first—ahead of individual products or channels. By identifying business and technical recommendations to create customer-centric use cases, our team of experts can refine your organization’s process to better achieve your goals.

The ability to deliver real-time customer experiences requires your investment in a robust solution, which is not always easy. Data needs to be queried quickly, and channel integrations must be seamless. Salesforce Marketing Cloud Personalization is just one possible solution for real-time decisioning that is integrated with the Salesforce Marketing Cloud ecosystem. Munvo can help with installation, upgrades, and customer profile data models, as well as AI and real-time campaign implementations.

Finally, Munvo’s certified consultants regularly assess clients’ real-time marketing architecture designs, operational plans, and readiness to implement real-time inbound marketing. Through an in-depth assessment of your technology ecosystem, learn how to efficiently incorporate legacy technologies into the real-time solution. 

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