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Manage and capitalize on 6 major Data Quality attributes: Completeness, Consistency, Uniqueness, Validity, Accuracy, and Timeliness.
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For Automated Quality Assurance

Incomplete dynamic fields, overcommunication, and missed deadlines are just a few issues that can arise without an adequate Quality Assurance (QA) process in place. As privacy laws continue to develop and, at times, transform entirely, it becomes increasingly important to adhere to privacy legislation internationally.

That’s why Munvo’s campaignQA© ensures ongoing compliance to required regulations. This technology serves to complement your marketing automation system and improve overarching marketing execution processes in a timely fashion.

campaignQA Benefits

Automate validation of inbound and outbound marketing campaigns and monitor the results with robust alerting and reporting features
Manage contact frequency controls with an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop interface (no coding required)
Enable a rules-based validation approach for marketing data / marketing datamart quality
Maintain a comprehensive audit trail of compliance for internal privacy policies and emerging regulatory rules, such as GPDR and CASL

Watch Our Webinar

Join Brad, VP of Munvo Products, as he guides you through common quality assurance challenges. During the webinar, Brad demonstrates how campaignQA can help streamline and simplify the QA process.

campaignQA Core Features

Inbound and Outbound Automated QA
Identify and triage QA issues based on user-defined rules
Offer Arbitration
Control message frequency, sequencing, and best-offer assignment
Marketing Datamart QA
Resolve data issues with rules-based validation capabilities
Campaign Monitoring and Regulatory Compliance
Catch unidentified issues and harness post-launch course-correction logic, while maintaining a complete audit trail

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