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What is Salesforce Marketing Cloud Personalization?

Salesforce Personalization (formerly Interaction Studio) empowers marketers to personalize the experience for each individual customer or prospect – in real-time. Interaction Studio is the perfect solution for organizations who want to make sure that their customers’ interactions are recorded and analyzed so that they can capitalize on past and present interactions. This way, you can be sure that you’re providing the right product or service to the right customer at the right time.

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Features and Capabilities:

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Personalize Your Content Delivery

SF Personalization allows you to personalize the home page or blog for a specific prospect or customer based on their offline data (transactions), or online data (page views or product affinity). This is done through sophisticated AI models that support a range of interactions on your website. This will help you identify key content and provide it in a high value package to your target customers.

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Personalize Your Email Messages

By analyzing your customer’s past purchasing behavior, browsing history, and recent online activity, you can pre-fill their email message with suggested products, services, and content that is relevant to them. This aspect of the Interaction Studio suite can be used to leverage existing email providers.


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Interact with Your Customers

The Interaction Studio Connectors for Sales Cloud and Service Cloud allow the sales and customer service teams to bring in more leads and turn them into customers. The Interaction Studio Console contains vital customer data like their profile, recently visited website pages, and best recommendations.

Munvo has been helping our customers with real-time digital marketing since 2005 and delivered more than 300 projects including 50+ clients from Fortune 500 list. Our goal is to empower your business to leverage Salesforce Marketing Cloud for the delivery of personalized communications across your customer’s journey, at scale. Learn more about our listing on the Salesforce

Our team also provides support for other
Marketing Cloud Tools

Munvo offers guidance on how to best use all Salesforce Marketing Cloud resources so you can reach every potential customer, leveraging data-rich insights and automated customer journeys. In addition to this, you’ll be able to optimize your messaging for the best results.

Munvo Consulting

Munvo SFMC Personalization Consulting Helps You:

Drive engagement and increase revenue

Leveraging Munvo’s expertise, you can create personalized content to connect with your customers in a more personal way, increasing engagement and ultimately, revenue. By using session data and learnings about all other users, you can identify what is most likely to be relevant for that particular customer at that moment. This way, you’re not only providing them with the information they need, but you’re also showing them products or actions that may be of interest.

Improve your customer experience

The team at Munvo helps marketers implement and optimize customer journeys within and across MarTech ecosystems. Creating a connected customer experience can be technically challenging, as well as adjusting the content and design of a website to better meet the needs of each individual customer. This involves tailoring the website to the individual visitor in order to make sure they have the best possible experience. Things like “similar items” or “co-buy items” can recommend other items to view without the user having to search for them. This way, customers can navigate through the website more effectively and save time.

Collect channel information for a better understanding of your customers
With our experts’ help and Salesforce Personalization channel information reports, you will be able to collect critical information that can help you better understand your customer.
  • The Paths report shows you the pages that the customer has viewed most frequently before making a purchase.
  • The Technology report gives you the ability to see which browsers and devices your users are using, which will help you make better development decisions to prioritize your investments in areas such as website design or mobile optimization.
  • The Goal Comparison report helps you see which segments are completing your goals and allows you to design experiences to further capitalize on those segments or new experiences to better target weak performing segments. This valuable report makes it easy to identify where to allocate your resources most effectively.
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Services offered by Munvo:

Grow your team’s knowledge base and support organizational development
  • Detailed training plan per team, activities, learning outcomes
  • Tiered learning structure with training modules
  • Interactive sessions with use case tailored to your organization
  • Identification of key topics per stakeholder for ongoing training
  • Evaluate your current state and requirements
  • Propose processes to address change management, marketing operations, quality assurance and best practices

Build functional connections between various components of your marketing ecosystem to:

  • Support email deployment
  • Trigger real-time communications
  • Enable interactive SMS exchanges
  • Orchestrate marketing activities across channels including Salesforce email
Custom Development

Munvo offers add-on solutions to further boost the impact of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, such as SMS Gateway for real-time mobile engagement. SMS Gateway allows you to incorporate mobile messaging in your omnichannel marketing strategy and initiate real-time dialogue with your customers.

  • Easily personalize messages, send MMS, or enable real-time fulfillment
  • Trigger the conversation based on customer context
  • Drive engagement, conversions, and customer satisfaction with the user-driven, no-code solution of SMS Gateway

Munvo in Action


Get the answers to these questions by watching the webinar – Roadmap to Real Time with Salesforce Interaction Studio, hosted by Matthew Bell, a Munvo Sr. Consultant, to learn about real-time marketing and considerations your organization needs to evaluate before embarking on the journey.

Maximize Your MarTech Investment

Creating sophisticated journeys and personalization requires a significant amount of technical expertise. Munvo is a certified Salesforce Partner who can connect all your relevant data sources to deliver 1:1 personalization benefits at scale and across channels. So don’t hesitate to contact us today and let us share how we can help!

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Munvo Consultants are Marketing Cloud
Personalization Accredited Professionals

  • Marketing Cloud Consultant
  • Marketing Cloud Email Specialist
  • Marketing Cloud Developer
  • Marketing Cloud Administrator


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