Make an Impression with Personalized Marketing

Make an Impression with Personalized Marketing

Success in the marketing industry is no longer just about having the biggest billboard or the most memorable Super Bowl ad. Marketing is becoming a personalized and digital experience for consumers. Companies that see the most return on investment are using personalized marketing techniques to tailor their customer experience to the individual level. To do this, you need to know how to leverage data to capture a customer’s attention. Modern consumers give attention to content that is based on their experiences, purchases, and demographic data. Munvo consultants are experts with the tools needed to create personal experiences that customers respond to.

Let’s look at the numbers to shed some light on the value of personalized marketing; a report by Econsultancy states that 80% of companies report an uplift in sales since introducing personalization. Salesforce notes 70% of consumers agree that when a company understands their needs it influences their loyalty. According to Accenture, 8000 consumers were surveyed and 91% said they’re more likely to shop with brands who remember past purchases and provide relevant offers and recommendations. Companies that invest in personalization get more attention by customers and so they see higher returns.

You can get a customer’s attention more easily if you know their tendencies and what interests them. This idea is related to the psychological principle called the cocktail party effect. Our brains are able to focus on one interesting stimulus and filter out all other distractions. Just like how our ears perk up when hearing our name in another conversation, seeing content that is personalized and relevant can catch a reader’s attention. Personalized marketing methods can transform your ads and offers into that attention-grabbing voice calling your customer’s name.

A personalized marketing strategy is more than a name in an email subject line. Use all of your customer’s data available to know what they like, how they spend, and what their needs are. Once this data is collected, use it to tailor offers and content. You can automate customized media assets like pictures and video, choose the timing and frequency of delivery, and use offer arbitration to maximize likelihood of acceptance.

Personalized offers are most effective when they are built and presented in real-time, and when data is consolidated over many channels.

It’s impossible to maximize the chances of making a lasting impression on a potential customer without the right tools and expertise. Regardless of where you are in your personalized marketing journey, Munvo consultants can provide the knowledge and expertise in software tools like SAS, Adobe, Salesforce, and more to create impactful and personal experiences for your customers.

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