From Customer Experience to Smart Consumption: A Data-driven Approach to the Utilities Industry

From Customer Experience to Smart Consumption: A Data-driven Approach to the Utilities Industry

Success in the utilities industry requires the adoption of greener energy production and close communication with your customers. With Forbes observing that nearly 70% of millennials purchased products with social or environmental benefits in the last year alone, it’s no wonder that most consumers keep socially-conscious companies on their radar; especially those that support green initiatives.

To keep up with this demand—not to mention, competition due to increasing deregulation—marketers have embraced a data-driven approach to fortify trust, build brand loyalty, and encourage smart consumption.

From cross-selling to lead management, find out how to actively support the growth of a greener, more customer-centric utilities industry today:

Munvo’s expertise in customer-centric marketing

Demonstrating a thorough understanding of what your customers want builds trust, which is conducive to cross-selling additional services. It is perhaps unsurprising that more than 80% of marketers have reported an increase in open rates through email personalization—that means communications aligned with their needs, habits, and preferences.

Having implemented over 500 marketing journey campaigns to date, Munvo’s team of technology-certified experts are there to help tailor your customer experiences; an endeavour that will also strengthen your relationships and reduce operational costs for a bigger bottom line in the long run.

Munvo’s data-driven approach for operational efficiency

It is now common practice for consumers to consider a variety of energy resources. This eco-friendly movement is not a trend that is going anywhere anytime soon, which makes it so crucial to take a closer look at the underlying data.

Long-time or ‘best-in-class’ marketers are 56% more likely to use data and analytics platforms to drive improvement. Parsing and understanding your data matters. That’s why Munvo’s marketing specialists have developed custom products to monitor and enable detailed campaign reporting.

Offering green energy and becoming a socially-conscious Utility provider is no longer a fringe focus for bleeding-edge companies—it’s a requirement. Whether you’re looking to establish customer-centricity to your email program or seeking to harness internal data to perform robust analytics and further boost improvement, Munvo is ready to help. Contact our experts for a consultation and get started today.

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