The Munvo Story

From Then to Now

Munvo History

The Munvo journey began in 2005 when Client Spectrum, the original brand name, was founded out of Montreal, Canada. Deeply inspired by Jim Collins’s book, Good to Great, Munvo’s vision and strategy was to build a world-class consulting firm specializing in marketing technology solutions used by large Fortune 1000 companies.

For many years, Munvo specialized in servicing clients who licensed the Unica marketing suite, a solution acquired by IBM in 2010 and more recently, HCL in 2018. To sustain growth, Munvo later partnered with two other leading organizations in the marketing field: Adobe and SAS.

In addition to Munvo’s consulting activities, the MunvoLab was launched in 2008, as an incubator for the development of stand-alone and “add-on” Munvo products, such as Companion, campaignQA and a variety of Munvo Connectors for the integration of Adobe, SAS, and Unica technologies with other components of the marketing ecosystem.

In the last 15+ years, Munvo has delivered services and products related to Adobe, SAS, and Unica marketing solutions to more than 95 clients located in the Americas, Europe, and APAC.

Munvo has offices in CalgaryMontreal, and Toronto servicing clients across the globe.

Industry Experience

Over the last 14+ years, Munvo has delivered more than 500,000 consulting hours to Banking and Investment, Insurance, Retail, Health and Pharma, Telco, High Tech and Manufacturing, and Travel and Entertainment industries.

Through this work, the Munvo consultants have added deep industry knowledge to theirs strong marketing technology experiences. Not only has this improved Munvo’s capabilities to solve business problems using marketing technologies, but it also helps share best-of-breed marketing approaches across different industries.

Projects by Industry

Munvo Consultant

Munvo recruits and invests in talented individuals; primarily with academic backgrounds in Computer Science and Software Engineering. However, many Munvo consultants joined the firm with management consulting experience.

Munvo implementation consultants have on average more than five years of experience with AdobeSAS and Unica marketing solutions.

EMM School

Before engaging with clients, Munvo consultants participate in a marketing-based boot camp training hosted by EMM School, a Munvo created video-based e-Learning platform. What began as a solution for internal training needs has grown to include more than 30 customizable courses that are built on four pillars; Marketing, Technology, Consulting, and Project Methodology. In addition to Munvo consultants, this training platform is also available to clients.

Leveraging both internal and external content, EMM School helps Munvo consultants stay current with the rapidly evolving world of marketing automation. The curriculum includes often-overlooked topics, such as: offer management, response tracking, data streaming, real-time vs. batch processing and typical marketing strategies.

Global Reach

Munvo has provided consulting services to leading companies with global reach in countries such as the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Mexico, Ireland, Turkey, Singapore, France, Australia, Chile and the Czech Republic.

Taken together, Munvo consultants hail from five continents and are fluent in 18 languages.

Clear Communications

Munvo helps clients cut through the clutter and the noise of the complex marketing ecosystem and the confusing array of technologies to gain a more comprehensive understanding of what truly matters – and what works. Munvo speaks the language of both marketing and technology, providing clients with clear guidance and recommendations for the best path forward.

Reliable Marketing Transformation Navigators

– What you initiate, Munvo facilitates.

Munvo’s experienced management consultants help clients navigate complex marketing ecosystems projects. The Munvo Marketing Transformation consultants can direct clients through every phase of a marketing project, provide knowledgeable guidance for establishing priorities, identify and mitigate risks and help ensure good decision making at all points along the way.

Viable Client Relationships

Since 2005, Munvo has assisted more than 125 clients to get the most out of their marketing technology projects. The Munvo approach is a friendly, flexible, pragmatic and professional approach to consulting services that have resulted in frequently returning clients. Working in either a direct or subcontracting role with partners, Munvo consultants bring expertise to help clients achieve their goals.

  • Repeat Business 77% 77%
  • New Business 23% 23%

Decision-making Help

From rapid prototypes and production pilots to flexible, “built-to-last” solutions, Munvo enhances our clients’ understanding of each element within a larger enterprise marketing roadmap.

Who We Work With

Munvo consultants are equally comfortable working with both IT and marketing professionals in the design, development and deployment of marketing solutions. For IT application & infrastructure teams, Munvo understands the importance of deploying systems that are reliable, low-cost to maintain and high-performing. For marketers and marketing operations managers, Munvo knows that unlocking value from the latest product functions and most sought-after capabilities require the right mix of design, training, coaching and support.


Since its inception in 2008, the MunvoLab has been the incubator for conceiving and developing products and connectors that provide integration and marketing operations capabilities missing in the Adobe, SAS, and Unica products. Recent software includes Companion, campaignQA and Munvo’s SMS Connector.

The MunvoLab Team uses various cloud-based AWS instances, facilitating an agile development cycle by enabling rapid prototyping, pilot implementation, and module testing. The MunvoLab is facilitating work with emerging technologies such as Kafka, Bus Architecture and DMP related initiatives.

The MunvoLab is also leveraged by the consulting teams to support client engagements. This typically includes the creation of mirrored client environments to cost-effectively and rapidly test out ideas and concepts. Many clients also get value in the ability to rapidly establish Dev and Test instances, eliminating the delay in setting up environments internally. Clients also utilize the MunvoLab for training purposes where employees can freely experiment and learn without impacting the production and testing systems.