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What is campaignQA?

campaignQA helps marketers apply and enforce QA rules within their marketing tools, resulting in greater confidence and better marketing messages. It also enables dynamic loading of marketing content from a variety of sources and locations and automated application of user-defined rules.

campaignQA works with a variety of marketing automation platforms, including inbound and outbound campaign offerings from Munvo software partners Adobe, Evergage, IBM and SAS.

campaignQA Detect fetaure


Following campaign execution, identify confirmed or potential quality issues and compare against user-defined rules
campaignQA Validate feature


Define quality rules according to the technical or business view aligning with your global “deadly sins,” as well as one-off campaign needs
campaignQA Correct feature


Automate the cleansing of proposed communications problems, or hold and queue for your team to investigate
campaignQA Report feature


Experience a global dashboard of quality assurance (QA) activities, while maintaining a comprehensive audit trail of past validations and issues

Automate your QA

“For our group, we have hisorically had a very manual process – lots of spot checking and manual checklists. I think by having a tool like this, it allows us to automate this process. This means we are able to work more efficiently with the right tools in place…and to allow campaign developers to work on something else more interesting and useful.”

–  Marketing Operations Manager @ Leading North American Investment Firm

Watch our Webinar

Join Brad as he guides you through common quality assurance challenges and how your QA processes can be automated. During the webinar, Brad demonstrates how campaignQA can help streamline and simplify the QA process.

Why campaignQA?

  • Reduces time-to-market by automating QA tasks
  • Reports indicate where costly investigative analysis time is best spent
  • Maintains audit trail of past validations and issues

What is at Stake?

  • Sending incorrect offers
  • Customer fatigue and op-outs
  • Litigation, regulatory penalties and fines
  • Brand integrity

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