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Munvo: The Marketing Solution Specialists


Munvo: The Marketing Solution Specialists


Munvo: The Marketing Solution Specialists
Adobe Practice

Adobe Practice

A certified Adobe Solutions Partner; our Adobe team has experience in more than 45 Adobe Campaign engagements across multiple industries

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IBM Practice

Evergage Practice

As a premier Evergage services partner, we specialize in delivering personalized customer experiences using machine learning across all touchpoints

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IBM Practice

IBM Practice

An IBM Advanced Business Partner; with 13+ years of Unica experience, we’ve been engaged in over 47 IBM Unica projects throughout the world

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SAS Practice

SAS Practice

A certified SAS Partner, we specialize in SAS Marketing Automation (MA) and modules such as SAS Campaign, RTDM and Marketing Operations Management (MOM)

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Munvo is a leading marketing technology consulting firm assisting global companies with their marketing solutions. Our services include: implementation, management consulting and marketing run services
75+ satisfied customers
450,000+ hours delivered
hours delivered
52+ consultants
13+ years of success
years of experience

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Proactive Performance Monitoring & Issue Resolution for IBM Campaign

Proactive Performance Monitoring & Issue Resolution for IBM Campaign

Join Chris Rayson, the Marketing Campaign & Operations Associate Director at AllianceData’s LoyaltyOne, as he discusses how Munvo Companion helps maximize LoyaltyOne’s investment in IBM Campaign – a central component of their global coalition marketing programs.

Combining SMS Marketing and Adobe Campaign to Better Connect With Your Customers

Combining SMS Marketing and Adobe Campaign to Better Connect With Customers

Join our senior Adobe Architect, Andrew Didinchuk, as he explains how Adobe Campaign users are leveraging their SMS channel to communicate directly with their customers.

Connecting Hadoop Big Data to IBM Campaign and Interact

Connecting Hadoop Big Data to IBM Campaign and Interact

Join Ajay Bhaga, as he walks you through the world of Hadoop and how Fortune 1000 companies are integrating it with IBM Campaign and IBM Interact to drive real-time marketing.

Quality Assurance with campaignQA featuring Brad at Munvo

How to Automate your Quality Assurance and Data Validation for IBM Campaign and IBM Interact

Join Brad as he guides you through common quality assurance challenges and how your quality assurance process can be seamlessly automated. During the webinar, Brad will demonstrate how campaignQA can help streamline and simplify your quality assurance process.

Learn All About Marketing and Advertising Platforms Used by The Top Hotel Brands

This report examines 500+ platforms across 17 categories that are used by some of the worlds top hotel brands – showing us which solutions are used, how much market share they capture, common adoption trends, and much more.

Learn About Marketing Platforms Used by Top 1500 Retail and e-Commerce Brands

This video report overviews 400+ marketing platforms across 15 categories – showing us which solutions are used, how much market share they capture, common adoption trends, industry-specific tools, and much more.

Hadoop Intergration Guide: A Tech. Tutorial

Hadoop Integration Guide for IBM Campaign

This Integration guide provides more detailed information on how Hadoop can be integrated with your IBM Unica Campaign environment, Hive and other software.

Introducing Rob Davis, Managing Partner - Sales & Alliances

Munvo Names Rob Davis Managing Partner – Sales and Alliances

In this role, Mr. Davis will be responsible for Munvo’s consulting and product sales, company’s alliance partnerships as well as the customer success program.

Companion for IBM Campaign

Command Performance: Seeking and Solving with Munvo Companion

If you’re like a lot of companies, you’ll have somewhat mixed feelings about IBM Campaign. On the one hand, it is the backbone of your marketing ecosystem, the figurative rock upon which you build your campaigns. On the other, it is sometimes the hard place where campaigns go to…be stressful. Simply put, you should check out Munvo Companion.

The Facts: Hadoop vs. Relational Databases

The Facts: Hadoop Big Data vs. Relational Databases

Closely comparing Hadoop Big Data with more traditional Relational Database solutions helps you to more fully understand the advantages and drawbacks of each. If you want to engage in more meaningful IT-related discussions and make more informed business decisions, knowing more about available technologies and techniques is a key first step.

Taylor Guitars Adobe Campaign SMS Connector

Campaign Connections: Taylor Guitars Hits the High Notes with SMS, Adobe Campaign and Connector

It’s also about how this company, without any of its own storefronts, used a combination of SMS marketing, Adobe Campaign software, Twilio cloud communications and, yes, Munvo products and technical expertise to strengthen its relationship with both finger-pickin’ consumers and guitar-hawkin’ franchisees.