Salesforce Journey Builder: Three (often overlooked) capabilities for maximum marketing impact

Salesforce Journey Builder:

Three (often overlooked) capabilities for maximum marketing impact

Salesforce Journey Builder enhances the way that marketers create meaningful experiences and then connect those experiences across all channels. To fully leverage the benefits of Journey Builder requires an understanding of how it supports custom activities, data collection, and end-to-end processes. That’s why Journey Builder warrants a closer look – and we’re here to break down three of its crucial (yet surprisingly overlooked) capabilities for cross-channel marketing today.

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Personalized Focus

To make the most out of Journey Builder and give your customers a seamless experience, you integrate it with all the available data and tools across your organization; the more the better! By connecting to other existing systems, such as loyalty programs, POS systems, or external databases, Journey Builder enables you to create custom journeys with impact.

In the financial services industry, for example, you may want to offer specific credit cards to clients based on the type of bank accounts they hold (Student, Regular, VIP, etc.) With Journey Builder, you can pull relevant account data to send clients directly down their desired path – a winning solution for all parties involved.

Ongoing Opportunities

It’s not always easy to determine the best methods for each campaign, but don’t let self-doubt stifle your operations. With Journey Builder’s Path Optimizer, you can A/B test up to 10 different paths in a single journey. More than this, you can promptly pause and modify live journeys as soon as you detect issues or improvements to be made. This means that you can convey tighter, more tailored messaging – with less second guessing – to keep up with changing customer needs.

Now, returning to our earlier example regarding your bank’s new credit card campaign: you can harness Path Optimizer to test out various paths with distinct email subject lines, offers, and deployment times, to see what resonates with who, or which customer profile. After a few months of testing, you can then send out a follow-up email to those who clicked on your first communication simply by pausing the campaign and adding the updated activity into a test (without disrupting the rest).

Customer Analysis

Reach the right customers at the right time, without delay. Thanks to Journey Builder, you can quickly collect key customer information with CloudPages to effectively analyze their behaviour, actions, and habits, followed by API events to send out triggered messages at the most opportune moment.

Never underestimate the value of making your customers feel well-accommodated. In banking, for instance, you can use Journey Builder to set up reminders for customers who have scheduled meetings with their advisors, and even provide follow-up surveys to get a better sense of their experience and continue ramping up your services. This fortifies trust and keeps loyal customers coming back for more.

Why not stay involved at each stage of the customer lifecycle? From data-backed customer analysis to more aligned messaging, Salesforce Journey Builder empowers businesses to adapt to shifting customer preferences right as they change. Whether you’re in the financial sector or just looking to expand your reach, you can take on the right tools and resources to help realize your strategic vision across your entire organization. With Journey Builder, there are far more capabilities than meet the eye.

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