Head in the Clouds: Cloud Migration in the Marketing Automation Space

Head in the Clouds:
Cloud Migration in the Marketing Automation Space

Presented by Ajay Bhaga
On Demand

Discover what going to the cloud really entails

Going to the cloud has completely revolutionized the way that businesses operate in the marketing automation space. That’s why Munvo’s experts have mastered and demystified this seemingly complex process to support fortune 1000 companies with their respective cloud migrations.

Munvo’s upcoming webinar, hosted by Ajay Bhaga, will unpack the key considerations and best practices for cloud migration, including:

  • Ownership costs
  • Architecture scalability
  • Security and performance testing
  • And much more.

Not only will this live event demonstrate the operational advantages of this migration, it will outline a tentative timeline and approach for your possible move to the cloud!

ajay bhaga

Ajay Bhaga

Munvo Technology Lead
Since joining Munvo in 2008, Ajay has pioneered the delivery of Enterprise Marketing projects across Canada, the US, Europe, and Asia. Ajay facilitates complex deployments that require the integration of multiple technologies, while also significantly contributing to the enhancement of Munvo’s cloud-based lab infrastructure.

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