Adobe Campaign Implementation

Adobe Campaign

Implementation, Upgrades, and Migrations

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Unleash Adobe Campaign’s latest capabilities and reduce operational risks with bug fixes through a strategic implementation or on-premise Adobe Campaign migration to its most recent upgrade release.

Best Practices

Munvo harnesses the following tools and best practices to help define your implementation strategy:

  • Planning for quality user acceptance testing (UAT) to ensure that projects are timely, on budget, and within scope
  • Delivery of “gap training” on new features and bug fixes, such as new Hadoop connectivity or integrations with Adobe Cloud offerings (Analytics, Experience Manager, Target, and Audience Manager)
  • Ongoing updates to Build Book and Run Book documents to enable rollback changes and better support troubleshooting
  • Documentation of a complete test plan that reflects all your distinct campaign capabilities and risk areas, without overburdening the test team
  • Redesign and re-deployment of any campaigns previously created in a sub-optimal fashion due to earlier bugs or product limitations

Key Projects Activities

Risk Evalutation & Platform


Data & System Backup


Migration of Marketing Server


Migration of MTA Server


Migration of Redirection & Tracking Server


System Integration Testing (SIT) and User Acceptance Testing (UAT)


Go Live & Support


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