4 Benefits of a Modern CX Stack

4 Benefits of a Modern CX Stack

MMA Global hosted a session where Munvo’s Director of Products – Brad Penwarden and ActionIQ’s Director of Product Marketing – George Phipps, discussed the benefits to a modern CX Stack. In doing so, they addressed common MarTech obstacles that are holding back evolution towards future forward dynamic customer experience driven stacks.

We all know that consumers expect omnichannel engagement throughout their lifecycle and the future of customer experience is highly dependent on the technology that enables it. However, many companies are reliant on legacy campaign tools. Failing to update their stack has resulted in limited cross-channel capabilities, lack of personalization and siloed data, decisioning and engagement. To move past these issues and offer a better customer experience, companies should implement these changes. After all, in doing so, you will see the benefit of a positive customer experience on the health of your business.

Learn how you can improve customer experiences and your CX stack:

4 Benefits of a Modern CX Stack:

#1 Increase Marketing ROI

Marketers are looking for marketing enablement that is they want more control over what they are doing and less reliance on IT resources. To overcome the challenges faced with legacy campaign tools, enterprises should migrate their automation tools.

The following benefits will allow for better customer experience management.

Benefits of a Modern CX Stack:

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