SAS CI Upgrade and Migration Support

A Critical Update
By the end of the year, Adobe Flash support will be discontinued by all common browsers, prohibiting users of SAS CI 6.1 – 6.5 from accessing their campaign interface.

That’s where Munvo comes in…

By harnessing Munvo’s 15 years of marketing solutions expertise and deep knowledge of SAS marketing products—now as an official gold partner with a CI Specialization Badge—we can help you develop the best modernization strategy for your business needs and ensure continued access to your SAS campaign interface.

SAS modernization strategy assessment

Our team’s thorough and strategic assessment serves to keep your SAS system running as expected and even integrate new marketing capabilities, all while prioritizing operational costs, through the verification of several key factors:

SAS modernization strategy checklist

Current software version and related licensed products
Type, volume, and frequency of marketing operations and initiatives
Technical factors, such as environmental configurations, data sources, infrastructure availability, and custom code for existing implementations
Current and desired state of marketing and analytics stack, including customer segmentation, offer management, channel integration, campaign measurement, and reporting
Short- and long-term costs for optimal marketing capabilities

Find Out What’s Right For You

Unless the relevant marketing software upgrades or migrations are made, SAS CI 6.1 – 6.5 users will be unable to modify scheduled campaigns or create new ones. Munvo has the experience and proven frameworks to determine the best approach for your organization to make this crucial update:

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Fill out the form for a business consultation on SAS upgrade or migration support:

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