Munvo's Management Team

An Inside Look at Our Leadership Team

To innovate freely, think creatively, and mentor collaboratively – these are just some of the qualities that make us the marketing solution specialists.

Mathieu Sabourin: President, Founder

President, Founder

Nabil Taydi: Chief Operating Officer

Chief Operating Officer

Bill Dynes: Corporate Sales Manager

Vice President of Sales and Alliances

Johanne Roy: Chief Financial Officer

Chief Financial Officer

Brad Penwarden: Director of Munvo Products

Director of Munvo Products

Serge Bohdjalian: Professional Services Manager - Montreal

Professional Services Manager – Montreal

William Brooks: Professional Services Manager - Toronto and Calgary

Professional Services Manager – Calgary and Toronto

Ajay Bhaga: Managing Partner - Technology Lead

Technology Lead

Christopher Stanford: Account Executive

Account Executive

Miley Ramirez: Account Executive

Account Executive

Josianne Lehoux: Sales Coordinator

Sales Coordinator

Anna Ivanova: SAS Practice Lead

SAS Practice Lead

Claude Ho-Jim: Lead Project Manager

Lead Project Manager