Adobe Analytics + Campaign Integrations

Adobe Analytics + Adobe Campaign

Contextualized Email Marketing with Adobe Analytics and Adobe Campaign

Tracking your Campaign’s Success through Adobe Analytics Integrations

Marketing and analytics systems have traditionally been compartmentalized as siloed, isolated programs, which can make for slow collaborative efforts and arduous data analysis. Having worked on over 165 Adobe projects, our team at Munvo recognizes the importance of data consolidation when planning, deploying, and tracking email communications.

Now, through the integration of Adobe Analytics and Adobe Campaign, cross-channel marketers can execute consistent reporting on their email initiatives, while effectively reviewing data across all channels. The inclusion of Adobe Analytics in your marketing operations not only allows you to view pertinent engagement details alongside key metrics, it further enhances the interaction between email campaigns and other digital marketing resources to highlight new opportunities for your business to capitalize on.

Adobe Analytics and Campaign integration features:

Dynamic Segmentation for Detailed Metrics and Beyond

Adobe Analytics primarily unleashes the power of your data through advanced segmentation of prospects, with aggregated sources of online and offline data to establish a connected digital ecosystem. This information is refined and consolidated in Adobe Campaign Classic for targeting, where the integrated solution parses distinct sets of data, each with their own attributes for dynamic segmentation.

In other words, you are able to track and measure the success of your email delivery using several specific parameters and valuable segments, which can be altered or updated based on perceived trends and campaign results.

Integrated Data Sources for Stronger Collaboration

Sharing KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) between programs has never been easier. When a consumer clicks on a link in an email or newsletter for a particular product or service, this information is stored. Through the use of technical workflows that automatically launch and regularly auto-execute, this KPI data is quickly transmitted and passed on from source to processor.

In this case, Adobe Campaign sends details concerning the number of unique email opens, views, and clicks – as well as recipients who may have ‘abandoned’ the email – back to Adobe Analytics. The total number of email bounces, for example, can help you manage any errors that may have occurred during the delivery, whereas requests to unsubscribe can prompt your enterprise to evaluate the frequency and content of its communications. This encourages your marketing team to reexamine their email efforts, plan around key audiences (both new and returning), and retarget for subsequent waves.

When it comes to integrating Adobe technologies, our consultants have honed their expertise and expanded Munvo’s practice to provide best-in-class support to our clients across a broad range of product integrations. Our Adobe services range from implementation, planning, and product configuration to on-site training and industry best practices. For reliable marketing endeavours, the Munvo team can support your businesses’ integration of Adobe Campaign with Adobe Analytics to ensure the consistent deployment of high quality, high relevance email campaigns that will capture the attention of customers, and prospects alike.

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