Unica Marketing Solution Support

Munvo offers Unica© Marketing Solutions support services, which provide our clients with peace of mind while assisting with their marketing automation systems. Our support services for Unica Marketing Solutions ensure a reliable and well-maintained marketing ecosystem through the practice of surveillance and error prevention.

Unica Marketing Solutions Support

A well-maintained marketing operations system generally requires in-depth knowledge of its network and database technologies, and in the case of Unica Marketing Solutions, it also requires a specific set of skills, experiences, and expertise. Munvo’s Unica Marketing Solutions support team consists of dedicated IT administrators, marketing specialists, and external service vendors, who are committed to resolving Unica-related front-end and back-end issues.

Let us take care of your application house-keeping, system monitoring, automation maintenance, troubleshooting, as well as issue detection, prevention, and resolution. Munvo effectively distributes information across all departments and vested stakeholders, both internally and externally, to keep everyone well-informed and up to date.

IBM Marketing Solutions Support

How does Munvo Deliver?


By directly resolving end-users’ issues and requests


By liaising with Unica Marketing Solutions stakeholders such as DBAs, operating system administrators, channel vendors or marketers

Front- and Back-end Support

Munvo provides support for both the front- and back-end of your Unica Marketing Solutions environment.

  • Perform maintenance and housekeeping (e.g temp tables and logs)
  • Automation and trigger-campaign maintenance
  • System troubleshooting
  • Change management and version tracking
  • Incremental changes to customizations and integration points (e.g. Unica Interact gateway services)
  • Coordination with IT production control and change advisory boards
  • User and access management (i.e. security policies)
  • Application configuration
  • Scheduling and supervision
  • Best practices guidance and desk-side assistance
  • Templates modification and creation (e.g. custom macros, project templates)
  • Automation of recurring tasks/campaigns
  • End user coaching and best practices promotion such as reusability

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