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Business Process Management: Why You Need It

For those of us who work in intricate work environments, it becomes easy for things to get lost in translation. This is why it is essential for organizations to have traces of Business Process Management (BPM) incorporated into their structure.

How E-Learning & Continuous Learning Benefits Everyone

  “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” – Benjamin Franklin I have always believed – even after entering the workforce – that an individual’s drive for knowledge should never stop. This attitude is what pushed me to get into the field...

The 5 Business Processes of Marketing Resource Management (MRM)

Occasionally, marketing campaigns and programs seem to go off track – running in directions no one could have predicted. If you have ever managed marketing campaigns, or at least tried, then you understand the challenges that come with it. Fortunately, there is...

Best Practices for a Business Requirements Document (BRD)

 “Your BRD  saved our butts at least three times this year!” – Friendly Project Manager giving feedback over a pint of beer. The following article on business requirements document (BRD) best practices are based on a multitude of past experiences, made up of...