Winning Strategies for Transforming Gaming Customer Engagement with SAS Customer Intelligence & Munvo

Winning Strategies for Transforming Gaming Customer Engagement with SAS Customer Intelligence & Munvo

Presented by Munvo and SAS


In today’s gaming landscape, patrons demand more than ever before. They’re sophisticated, well-informed, and expect personalized treatment. Failing to meet these expectations means losing them to competitors.

Munvo, in collaboration with our partners at SAS, makes it easier. As a leading marketing consultancy, we’ve assisted Gaming and Entertainment organizations, among others, in enhancing retention and boosting acquisition. By leveraging comprehensive patron data, we enable gaming marketers to hyper-personalize conversations and deliver exceptional patron experiences.

By joining this 30-min session, you’ll be able to:

  1. Learn how to transition from generic to hyper-personalized patron conversations.
  2. Discover real-world examples of successful data-driven strategies in the gaming industry.
  3. Gain insights into enhancing retention rates and driving acquisition through tailored patron experiences.
  4. Walk away equipped with scalable, data-driven personalization strategies to elevate customer satisfaction and impact your bottom line.

Presented by:

munvo shaun memon

Shaun Memon – Director of Professional Services & Customer Intelligence

With over 5 years at Munvo, Shaun excels in digital transformations and streamlining marketing processes across diverse industries. As a consultant he has driven successful initiatives, encompassing upgrades, process enhancements, use case enablement, best practices implementation, and improvements in reporting and attribution. Shaun’s expertise centers on refining marketing processes, instituting best practices, and crafting highly effective marketing strategies.

sas amit desai webinar

Amit Desai – Client Partner

Amit has been with Munvo since 2017, helping clients bring value out of their marketing automation solutions. Starting off as a technical consultant, Amit currently manages and leads multiple clients and projects, in industries such as hospitality and gaming. With experience using SAS’ products among others, he has a deep understanding of what can be done to be successful, and how. In his free time, Amit enjoys skiing during the cold winters in Montreal, and tries, but fails, to avoid hitting the bunker while golfing during the summer.

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