Unica Practice

The core of our practice with the Unica® marketing suite is built on the leadership experience that we bring to our clients when implementing Unica Campaign® and Unica Interact®.

Our Expertise

Initially developed by MIT graduates, Unica Marketing Solutions have been adopted by global corporations around the world. Through IBM’s acquisition of Unica in 2010, followed by HCL’s current acquisition of Unica in 2019, Munvo has continued to grow this successful partnership predicated on the delivery of high-performance marketing solutions.

Years of Experience

Unica Campaign Projects

Interact Use Cases

Our Unica History

Since 2005, Munvo has worked with over 70 enterprises on diverse projects involving Unica marketing solutions. What began as Unica implementation and upgrade services expanded into a comprehensive set of Munvo services including integration, run services, and marketing ecosystem roadmapping, to name a few.

Interact Experience

Our experience with Unica extends to every module within the Marketing Solutions suite. In addition to implementing outbound marketing capabilities with Unica Campaign, Munvo assists clients with the implementation of multi-channel marketing personalization strategies through the use of Interact.

In recent years, Munvo has designed and implemented over 17 unique use cases with the Interact module, including web-based offers for retailers and Next Best call-center action scenarios in the Telco industry.

Complementary Add-ons

In support of the Unica Marketing Solutions suite, our Munvo Lab has developed innovative add-on products, such as Munvo Companion and campaignQA. These products improve our clients’ capacity to both monitor and manage the execution performance and quality of their marketing campaigns.

Meanwhile, the Munvo Connectors simplify common integrations, including Unica Campaign and Interact.

Unica Marketing Solutions Work

Implementing, upgrading, and migrating Unica Marketing Solutions 

Custom development and deployment of Enterprise Marketing and Customer Experience Solutions

Project scoping and deployment mapping

Personalized on-site or remote (eLearning) training for IT and end-user personnel 

Integrating with datamarts, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions, social media networks, and operational systems

Integration of Digital Asset Management with real-time marketing solutions

Integration of Demand Side Platform (DSP) with triggered and automated marketing campaigns