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Munvo is a proud sponsor of Swab the World foundation

Nabil Taydi, Munvo President, Johanne Roy, CFO, Christiane Rochon and Mai Duong from Swab the World, and Mathieu Sabourin, Munvo Founder

We Agree! Let’s Swab the World Together

Not everyone diagnosed with blood cancer has an equal fighting chance. The numbers speak for themselves: 70% of registered stem cell donors are white, whereas approximately 88% if the world’s population comprises of mixed or ethnic minorities. Through its initiative, Swab the World strives to encourage a more diverse pool of donors with the ultimate goal of balancing out these numbers.

How You Can Make a Difference

Earlier this winter, we welcomed Swab the World’s co-founders Mai and Christiane to the Munvo Summit in Kingston, Ontario, to speak about the jarring lack of diversity in stem cell donors and the problems that arise due to this fatal shortage. Most importantly, their presentation offered innovative solutions to better support multi-racial blood disease patients. Our Munvo employees also learned how they could get involved and help rectify this pressing issue.

If you’re interested in contributing to this cause, or simply want to learn more about how you can make a difference, check out the Swab the World website:

Make a financial contribution or support the cause by purchasing a t-shirt:

OR become a potential donor by registering to your country’s stem cell registry.

Mai Duong and Christiane Rochon from Swab the World at the Munvo Annual Summit in Kingston

Something to Get Behind!

“Swab The World’s conference at our annual company meeting was informative and shed light on a problem that is too often overlooked worldwide. As a company that employs people with very diverse ethnic origins, it was only natural for Munvo to support this young and driven charity.”

“La conférence de Swab The World a été aussi informative que divertissante, et a mis en lumière un problème mondial peu connu. Chez Munvo, les employés sont issus de plusieurs communautés ethniques. Il était donc tout naturel pour nous de soutenir cette jeune fondation qui ira loin.”

Mathieu Sabourin

Founder, Munvo