2019 SAS Global Forum: Recap

2019 SAS Global Forum: Recap

Get the Munvo Team’s Firsthand Account of the 2019 SAS Global Forum

We’re back! The Munvo team has returned from yet another immersive tech conference – this time, the 2019 SAS Global Forum held in Dallas, Texas. As we look back at all the events that have transpired over the course of this year’s gala, we reflect on just how aptly the forum fulfilled its theme, Analytics in Action.

From April 28-May 1, team members from Munvo’s Canadian and American offices explored the world of SAS; its products, services, and most recent MarTech innovations. During this time, we chose from a variety of over 700 scheduled sessions and dynamic workshops to attend. With more than 5000 participants, including leaders from global brands and trusted SAS partners, the 2019 Global Forum proved that everything really is bigger in Texas!

Discover Munvo’s 3 Main Takeaways from the 2019 SAS Global Forum:

The ‘Power of the Partner’ Rings True

The SAS Partner Forum on April 28 is where the Munvo team most effectively learned how to engage and build on our profound role as a SAS Focus Partner. This exclusive event is the only one of its kind that highlights how global brands can gain even more value from their respective SAS partnerships and collaborations. Speakers from various organizations shared their executive insights and expertise on a wide range of subjects pertinent to us. Munvo’s specialization in Customer Intelligence (CI) products – Customer Intelligence 360, Marketing Automation (MA), Real-Time Decision Management (RTDM)®, Marketing Optimization (MO)®, and the marketing operations management tool, Customer Intelligence 360 Plan – led us to examine the evolving Customer Intelligence hybrid architecture, as well as to discuss new product features with the Development and Product Management teams over at SAS.

David Franklin, the keynote speaker and founder/CEO of Cloud Co-Op, drew from his 20+ years of experience in tech to emphasize the necessity of solid governance, growth, and implementation strategies with SAS. Not only did he attest to the crucial development of strong partner-to-partner relationships, he explained how fortifying these collaborative dynamics can lead to the expansion of your customer base.

During his presentation, Franklin also took some time to discuss his VETS2CLOUD Apprenticeship program, which provides veterans with real-world paid business experience through direct coaching within the industry. Conference attendees were similarly encouraged to learn about SAS’s Data for Good initiative, which capitalizes on the power of analytics to help solve humanitarian crises internationally.

As official sponsors of Swab the World – an organization dedicated to diversifying blood cell donors – we at Munvo understand the importance of giving back to our community, which is why the philanthropic message of the 2019 SAS Forum resonated with us so strongly. In fact, we were able to see how the Analytics in Action mantra could be applied firsthand through data-driven initiatives that aim to ameliorate people’s everyday lives.

The Takeaway?

While the depth of professional partnerships may vary, it is important to align yourself with causes and corporations that correspond to your core business values. In committing to the cultivation of increasingly meaningful relationships, your organization should always put in the same amount of hard work and dedication that you would like to see reciprocated.

Love to Learn, Long Term

The SAS Global Forum creates learning experiences that intuitively anticipate each attendee’s personal preferences. From classroom-style discussion to hands-on experimentation, the event was well – equipped and ready to accommodate its guests. Our team, naturally, sought to attend as many detailed presentations and workshops as possible. After all, they were conveniently divided into sections of both 20 and 50 minutes, which allowed for flexible conference scheduling.

Customer Intelligence was the central focus of several major presentations. There was even a private session limited to clients and select partners (like Munvo!), meant to unpack strategies for enhanced marketing capabilities. Other sessions we attended include talks on Analytics in AWS and Content Targeting Segmentation with CI360, both of which imparted a wealth of new information to our team.

On the third day of the conference, keynote speaker Reshma Saujani gave a compelling presentation that touched on the themes of learning and diversity in analytics. Along with being a lawyer, author, and TED Speaker, Saujani is the founder and CEO of Girls Who Code – a national non-profit organization aiming to close the gender gap in tech. During her talk, she implored industry leaders to mentor and empower women within an increasingly competitive field, while similarly encouraging more women to step out of their comfort zone, take risks, and embrace new challenges. She even highlighted a few projects from the Girls Who Code initiative that have gone on to achieve international recognition.

In addition, there were interactive ‘how-to’ demos and Super Demo Stations that covered just about any topic imaginable, from analytics and business intelligence to data management, programming, and marketing solutions. The Learning Lab also gave participants the chance to peruse plenty of visual material and tackle free e-learning courses, while the 10-minute SAS Quick Tips were available for those who generally prefer concise subject overviews or best practice summaries. More than this, the SAS Global Forum incorporates a Post-Conference Training program as part of its offerings, in order to extend your conference experience and continue learning beyond the dates of the event.

The Takeaway?

The SAS Global Forum was organized so that the most prominent data and analytic hot topics were clearly conveyed and communicated – regardless of your professional background or preferred learning style.

Connect and Collaborate with Industry Leaders

This year’s conference provided us with an ideal atmosphere to catch up on the latest trends in data management, alongside some top leaders in the MarTech industry. For this reason, we must reiterate the event’s overarching ambiance to accurately wrap up our SAS Forum Recap.

The schedule and set up were organized so that we could easily meet and connect with new peers. Not only were we welcomed with a Happy Hour celebration upon our arrival, the Quad’s ‘tradeshow’ atmosphere was perfect for mingling with other SAS specialists and sponsors from the beginning to the very end of the Global Forum.

For North and South American visitors specifically, the SAS Cala – or, the Canadian and Latin American Gala – made for an excellent networking opportunity that could potentially lead to new partnerships.

Meanwhile, the Kickback Party on April 30 was, by far, one of the most beloved occasions for socializing. Guests were invited to Gilley’s Dallas, a massive 90 000 square-foot venue, or ‘playground’ for adults to shoot pool, ride a mechanical bull, enjoy live country music, or simply dance the night away.

The Takeaway?

In light of the information absorbed over our four days at the SAS Global Forum, this Munvo Recap unpacks just a few of the team’s main highlights, insights, and observations. There’s so much more information for us to review and reflect on, in order to continue solidifying our SAS practice. As we look ahead to next year’s event, we’ll be ready to get learning again!

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