SMS Connector

Optimizing Mobile Marketing for Adobe Campaign

Munvo’s SMS Connector integrates directly into the Adobe Campaign® interface and acts as a gateway to your mobile messaging provider (MMP) for a more responsive and interactive experience when compared to native SMS support. It is available through subscription-based pricing and can be implemented in as little as a few days.

It is currently optimized for bi-directional integration with vendors like Twilio and CLX, but it can be configured for use with many other MMPs.

Core Features:

  • Send real-time marketing messages for new product launches, coupons or special offers
  • Applicable for informational messaging (notifications, alerts, password reminders, invitations, etc..)
  • Enables automated inbound messages with relevant marketing content assigned by Adobe Campaign users
  • Inbound SMS conversations using the SMS Gateway add-on
SMS Connector for Adobe Campaign Diagram

Choosing the Right API


HTTP (SMS Connector)

  • Direct communication with the provider, no aggregator needed
  • Higher performance when dealing with lower volumes (under 100,000 per day) – continuously improving efficiency
  • More features with a sophisticated API interface
  • Complex processing of inbound messages from the client can implement quickly



  • High volume, supporting millions of messages per day
  • Very high server uptime
  • Latency between sending and receiving of 30 to 300 seconds due to the need for an aggregator
  • Difficult to efficiently process inbound messages
  • A recommended minimum of 5000 messages per month

Why use the SMS Connector for Adobe Campaign?


Removes SMPP protocol latency that averages between 30 to 300+ seconds when receiving and responding to inbound messages.

Increases configuration flexibility for inbound message handling.
Simplifies the integration process with various SMS service providers.

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Join our senior Adobe Architect, Andrew Didinchuk, as he explains how Adobe Campaign users are leveraging their SMS channel to communicate directly with their customers.

SMS Gateway for Adobe Campaign

Two-way Conversation Add-on for the SMS Connector

The Munvo SMS Gateway allows for inbound SMS conversations, that integrate with Adobe Campaign. The SMS Gateway allows companies to push lists of SMS numbers to a given short code and allow tree-like conversation paths, integration to Adobe Campaign and real-time responses to communications.

Key features of the Munvo SMS Gateway:

  • A simple tree-like SMS conversation, accessible through a web interface. This allows clients to specify real-time responses to inbound requests (e.g., STOP, YES, MORE) without any programming
  • Individual transaction history is stored and can be resumed for a given short code
  • Real-time responses to inbound communications, rather than minutes or hours provided by other Adobe Campaign solutions
  • A tracked history by phone number and short code to track who received, which messages, and when.
  • Integration points back to Adobe Campaign for advanced segmentation/personalization and feedback
  • Leverages Twilio SMS API via HTTPS for better performance and control over SMTP based SMS providers

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