SAS MA / Engage Direct Implementation

Munvo clients who have selected SAS Customer Intelligence solutions for outbound marketing are either mature Base SAS users aiming to streamline their campaign delivery processes or SAS MA users looking to harness additional capabilities of CI 360. At Munvo, we leverage over 15 years of marketing implementation and operational experience to guide our clients’ development of efficient outbound campaigns and standardized marketing execution processes for optimal results.

More than this, Munvo has developed powerful SMS marketing solutions to enable bidirectional, intuitive real-time dialogue with your customers right out of a batch campaign list sent from MA / Engage Direct. Munvo can help you fully benefit from a SAS MA / Engage Direct implementation through the use of SMS Gateway.

Implementation Methodology

Munvo recommends a waterfall-based approach for new MA / Engage Direct implementations, while providing the flexibility to adapt to your individual methodology preferences.

For product customizations, such as the development of custom features for our clients using SAS / DS2 and stored processes, Munvo has found success with agile approaches centered on prototyping and rapid demonstrations.

SAS Implementation Methodology

Key Activities to Ensure the
Adoption and Benefits of SAS MA / Engage Direct

Ongoing training and knowledge transfer throughout the project, including co-building during Build and Validate phases

Early project emphasis on unified Information Mapping, which forms the data source foundations for subsequent design tasks

Planning for the potential future adoption of additional SAS CI modules, such as 360 Optimize, 360 Plan, and 360 Discover, as well as real-time decisioning capabilities like SAS Intelligent Decisioning and Real-Time Decision Manager (RTDM).

Customized training to reinforce high-value features, including repeatable control groups, A/B testing, quality assurance, and correctly leveraging treatments / custom attributes

Reviewing opportunities to establish line-of-business / LOB-specific security profiles with Business Context Definitions (i.e. retail, lending, insurance, or North America, Europe, Asia, among other criteria)

Empowering your team to execute use cases specific to your organization with reusable Custom Process Nodes, campaign definitions, and custom attributes tailored to your needs

Delivery of campaigns designed to scale for complex, multi-touch scenarios using Linked Processes and personalization features such as Calculated Items

Typical SAS Roles

SAS CI Consultant

Enables measurable and easy-to-repeat campaigns for a reduced time to market, allowing your team to do more with less and increase overall response rates and ROI

SAS CI Architect

Establishes clear designs for SAS Campaigns within your marketing ecosystem, in addition to roadmapping for future enhancements and empowering end users to control artifacts previously managed by IT

SAS CI Project Manager

Manages project protocol, timeliness, and budget to ensure it is within scope (considering overarching measures of success)

SAS CI Information Mapping SME

Maintains multiple high-quality sources that are easily digestible by SAS Campaign users (online, social, offline) – all in one place

SAS CI Modelling and Optimization SME

Guides data owners and campaign execution stakeholders to maximize investments in existing and new data models

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