SAS Campaign Implementation

Munvo clients that have selected SAS CI Marketing Automation (SAS MA) are often mature Base SAS users that are looking to evolve towards a more repeatable and reduced time to market approach for their campaign delivery processes. At Munvo, we have spent over a decade working closely with Base SAS users and we understand and can help guide your team towards a successful transition use of reusable SAS Campaign components and standardized marketing execution processes.

Implementation Methodology

Munvo recommends a waterfall-based project implementation approach for the base configuration of SAS Campaign while providing the flexibility to adapt to your individual methodology preferences.

For SAS Campaign customizations related to DS2, Jython or Groovy code, Munvo has had success with agile approaches using an emphasis on prototyping and rapid demonstrations.

SAS Implementation Methodology

Key Activities to Ensure the
Adoption and Benefits of SAS Campaign

On-going training and knowledge transfer throughout the project, including co-building during Build and Validate phases

Early project emphasis on unified Information Mapping, which forms the data source foundations for subsequent design tasks

Planning for and easing the potential future adoption of additional SAS CI modules, such as Real-Time Decision Manager (RTDM), Marketing Optimization (MO), or Marketing Operations Management (MOM)

Customized training to reinforce high-value features such as repeatable control groups, A/B testing and quality assurance for statistical significance in hold out groups

Review opportunities to enable line of business specific security profiles using Business Context Definitions (e.g. retail/lending/insurance or North America, Europe, Asia)

Empowering your internal SAS MA champion to be an evangelist for reusability best practices such as shared Custom Process Nodes and campaign definitions by role and offers

Delivery of campaigns designed to scale for complex multi-touch scenarios using Linked Processes and personalization features such as Calculated Items

Typical SAS Roles

SAS CI MA Consultant

Enable measurable, easy-to-repeat campaigns with a reduced time to market, allowing your team to do more with less and increase response rates and ROI

SAS CI Architect

Establish clear design for SAS Campaign within your marketing ecosystem as well as a road map for future enhancements. Empower end users to control artifacts previously managed by IT

SAS CI Project Manager

Keep project on time, budget and within scope (including key overall measures of success)

SAS CI Information Mapping SME

Ensure multiple sources (online, social, offline) are in one place, of high quality and efficiently consumable by SAS Campaign users

SAS CI Modelling and Optimization SME

Guide data owners and campaign execution stakeholders to maximize investments in existing and new data models.

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