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Marketing Capability Assessment

A Marketing Capability Assessment is an evaluation of how your organization is performing with the operational execution of your marketing activities. We use a three-phase approach that captures the issues and desired outcomes, recommend a future state operating model and a provide a marketing transformation strategy to achieve the recommendations.

  • The scope of the marketing capabilities assessed includes the processes, skills, organizational design, technologies and governance structure.
  • Benchmarking may be included in the work to help identify and prioritize the key operational metrics, (cycle times, cost of quality, on-time completion) or marketing performance metrics (MROI, opens, clicks, conversions). This step compares actual internal results to the results, or benchmarks, from other organizations.

Marketing Technology Advisory Services

The marketing technology (Mar-Tech) eco-system assessment identifies technology gaps and makes recommendations for the addition of missing technologies or the transformation of current/older technologies.

The roadmap also includes a high-level marketing transformation strategy with the sequence for the implementation of the new technologies and a business case to justify the investments.

Marketing capability areas assessed:

  • Inbound marketing
  • Outbound marketing
  • Personalization
  • Content Management
  • Analytics & Modeling
  • Adhoc & Production Reporting
  • Marketing Data Sources

Technology Implementation Planning

A project to develop an implementation strategy for the deployment of new technologies. scope includes:

  • A project charter defining the scope, objectives and key project assumptions
  • A high-level multiple phase project plans to deploy all the necessary capabilities
  • A detailed project plan for the initial phase of work

Detailed deliverables for an initial phase of the project:

  • Project charter defining the scope, objectives and critical project assumptions
  • Detail project plan with identified quick wins
  • Project org chart with roles and responsibilities
  • Deployment approach
  • Change management approach
  • Budget and contingency

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